Feeling Right About Time

I don’t know if I can write down my stuff about time.

It may be a little unclear, even to me.

But let me try… first, it seems like this present is going really slow, but it doesn’t take any time at all.

And the past seems like it went really fast, but it is extremely slow because it is over and doesn’t move at all.

And the future is never going to arrive and feels like it is going slower than something slow.

This is just an exercise in how the last few hours appear to feel to me.

My feelings of time in the past, present and future are extremely subjective.

For example, another cliché about time is boy, was that fast, where did all the time go, my perception of time is similar to everyone lessees.  Especially when I am busy and focus on the here and now, as in the task at hand, whatever it may be.

My experience at being too busy, is that I am feeling excessively worried about the future or trying to control everything I need to do.

I project this into all that I say and do.

I kinda get a little obsessed with the task or job and end up trying too hard and the job becomes a lot harder, out of control and harmful to myself and others.

Again, I am being very subjective.  But in this case, I am expressing  my primary belief:  do no harm.

It is fun to use ‘time’ and my own behaviour when I act out of control, to express a pseudo description of time and what is best to do.

Who am I to do either, excepting, as the writer I am and this is my art form.

This is an example of an original blank verse poem, disguised in the form of a blog or journal entry!



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Top Ten Reasons To Read My Blog

10. It’s short, you don’t have to read for long periods of time.

9. It has a variety of subjects, you may find one you’d like to read.

8. It’s not too ‘extreme’, your reaction may be, hey this dude has a lot of genuine content and it is mildly entertaining to boot.

7. It’s ad free.  It’s ad free.  It’s ad free.

6. It doesn’t cost money.

5. You don’t need to pay attention, you may never read this.

4. The charm of blogging is wearing off, thousands of blogs that all seem to say the same thing, why not skip mine all together.

3. If you have thought of a reason to read my blog, please leave a comment down bellow.

2. The humour of doing a ‘Top Ten’ is pretty lame, I hope you get a giggle or at least a smile.

  1. The funniest reason to read my blog is…  I am harmless and damn it, you just did some good mental gymnastics.

The Digital Life

Can you get an algorithm to do that?

I want to spend ten minutes in the washroom, five at meals and one hour at work.

Why do I have to sleep?

Speed dating, why not speed friends and family, speed relationships.

Okay, maybe I am missing the point: digital things are okay, but it is up to me to control myself when I choose to use them.

Virtue’s Too Nice For Avarice And Vice

Or are they one and the same,

Every vice has a craving associated with it.

Every person has a vice and a craving,

‘Who does it’, may sound like the right question.

How often…

Place vice on a pedestal and get really bad.

Deadly sin no longer has a ring on its finger.

Mortal has a better sound, had the flu of late.

Make me date,

There are viruses that would make your hair curl.

The body can’t tell the difference between protein and a virus.

All roads lead to recycling,

Who said anything was good to eat,

We better beat that drum.

Rum, rum, rum.

The race, the digital age, designer drugs

The timer is set, watch the news to hear the latest doom and gloom.

Set the stage with disaster to welcome our next triumph: recycle, reuse,

Are we part of a life cycle or a death cycle?

Cloister, cluster, life can be a mom with despair.

Yet, we are topping out with our population and poverty has been cut in half.

The good news and good life is a proposition.

Gravity is good when it holds things together.

Universal is almost as big, we strive to bring ever piece together.

Gloms together like real life, can it get any better?

Hyper-realistic Christmas Decorations 2018

With fake news, fake images and fake people…

The most popular decorations this Christmas are creating a lot of novelty in the bigger cities.

Although the most surreal images are creating havoc with 911 calls, mostly everyone’s got a sense of humour.