Order Vs. Chaos: Good Works!

In this dialogue, the paradigm of Good Vs Evil is replaced with Order Vs Chaos.  The two duke it out.  No surprize here, order wins hands down.

Order:  Why don’t you like good?

Chaos:  I like good.

O:  I know you don’t.  You could care less about anything.  You don’t respect anything.  Why do you destroy?

C:  I like disorder.

O:  You don’t like anything, anyone, anywhere.  Nothing.  You like disorder, because it is the opposite of order, it is Chaos.

C:  Exactly, but good works for you.  It helps you stay organized and you like working, staying alive.

O:  Wrong.

C:  What then?

O:  Clarity, balance, growth, and this allows the universe to continue.  If all else continues, we will grow, we will emerge.  We are agents of order and good.  Do you get it?

C:  Ya, ya.  What am I, bad breath, a wasted life?

O:  You are a slayer of all life.  Because, nothing begets nothing.  You don’t work.  You harm all that works.

C:  I don’t get it.  What is all the hub bub about.  You win, I loose, you loose I win, what’s the difference?

O:  Good works.  Your way, there is no order.  My way, Chaos lives to create trouble another day.

C:  You telling me, I win either way?

O:  Yup.

C:  Damn.  That’s good.

O:  Exactly…

…there and back again…

Perhaps, it has only started in the 60th year of my life.

Or after one of the many splendid adventures of being at home on planet earth.

But the inspiration and the meaning is definitely inspired from the source:  The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien.


I can think of many a children’s story that is read and admired by adults: Alice and Wonderland, Around the World In Eighty Days, and many more deserving stories.

You get my drift…

Or, perhaps it is an enduring sense of bliss.

I can feel it, taste it and believe.

This is a power unto itself, an inspiration, a muse or a passion.

Isaac Asimov called it, “A Joy Still Felt”.

Anyone, who needs to believe or wants to explore, do a passion, wanderlust, wants to live! will do, say, believe and experience what I feel, in every bone of their body, mind and soul.

And yet, this adventure is understated as ‘there and back again”.

Keep Calm And Write On…

The concept is from old British propaganda.

It has become popular to use slogans and make up your own.

In the spirit of “Keep Calm and Carry On”.


Even when my muse is out to lunch.

Especially when others think I need to take a brake.

Sometimes after I throw in the towel.

During, after and before all forms of inspiration.

Till, death due we part…


The Art Of Dialogue

  1. If someone does not know, is heading in the wrong direction, you may point out the right direction, then walk away.
  2. Don’t be tedious with speech.  Be considerate with what you say and do.
  3. Never turn dialogue into argument or introduce anger or meanness, tolerate mistakes and walk away from a fight.
  4. Stop quarrels with diplomacy.
  5. Take care of yourself and others to avoid or recover from errors of judgement.  This is a singular distinction made by those people who make good philosophers.  Don’t tell them what to do, show them through the Socratic  Method or a means that will not cause a bunch to your nose!

Sex Is My Baby Finger

Taking the sex out of sex is hard to do,

whether talking to a ten year old or feeling friendly to people you care about.

The fun thing about paternal love or love of children, is the desire to do no harm.

It is a challenge to talk about sexuality on a good day.

But kids need to learn it is okay to be who they are.

People need to feel the same way.

How many awkward moments does it take to screw in a lite bulb?

Bottom line, sex is not the issue, people are.

Let’s always show that we care about people rather than the awkward, sometimes embarrassing moments that erupt out of sexuality experiences.

Mike’s Vintage Tolkien Related Reference Books (The books people buy who are nuts about J.R.R. Tolkien)

The book sale downtown is too tempting to resist.

My four purchases all range in topics related to Tolkien.

Do you like to journal?  Have you ever thought about specializing in a journal topic?

If so, google “A Hobbit’s Journal from the collection of Sam Gamgee” by illustrator Michael Green.

Do you like Tolkien and Trivia?

Pick up a copy of William Mackay’s book, “The Essential Tolkien, Trivia and Quiz Book:  A Middle -earth Miscellany.

How about “a reader’s companion to The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings”?

Lastly, “The Man Who Created The Lord of the Rings” by Michael Coren, do you want to read an autobiography on J.R.R. Tolkien?

I could tell you what I am doing with all these books, but that would be no fun.

Maybe, one of the titles will inspire a purchase at your local ( vintage book section ) bookstore.

Good luck with your literary adventures.