What’s next?

I don’t know.

Beauty and Truth, don’t always look pleasant, the same, or stoic.

To show how it really is, takes a little play acting or showmanship.

The old cliché is to exaggerate the truth to make a point.

Why are you pressing that knife against my flesh?

Look, it is just made out of rubber and it bends, and flops around, it can’t even hurt you.

Salvador Dali famous painting showed a time piece melting in painting with all sorts of distortions, exaggerations, humour and odds and sods.


Plant Therapy

Abele Green is my 15 year old Easter Lilly that needs a haircut.

She gets equal work for equal pay.

I have the responsibility to water, weed and repot her.

She keeps me honest and freshens up my place.

A reminder of my friendship with my mother, I try to treat her with TLC…

Happy April Fools Day Everybody

Are you a victim of some hoax or practical joke?

What fake news story is plastered across the newsfeed today?

No sense worrying about your sense of humor, but be prepared to duck the proverbial ‘pie in the face’ comment or insult.

Perhaps, you will find yourself wearing a tired smile or smirk.

Hey, it’s just once a year.

Get out there and be one of the perpetrators, have the last laugh, join the party!

The Writing Journal

Gripped in the Talmud of a tonality, a sweeping experience of true dissonance:  my musical journey.

Homophobic erotica depicting masturbation that is flaccid, frustrating and painful may be an emotional journey of letting go of guilt through association.

Tirade of emblems that presuppose design on all things made of god.

Or passionate rants about bobulous babes of the opposite sex (same sex, or no sex).

These canon like entries into my journal (or diary) are not meant to see the light of public consumption.

The truth is personal, specific to one’s own knowledge, stylized in their voice (using 1st person on many occasions).

But a journal may be on any and all topics that thwart or endear the masses.

Yet, not all reader or writer, neither or both hast gazed upon thine navel to propagate prose in this vein or humors.

Tsk-tsk, on one’s neighbour’s folly, thyself, and all…than roam upon this inhabited planet floating in the milky way.

Go now, and write upon the hill, your classic dialogue that speaks to one, no one or many!



How many roles do I play where I am attempting to impress myself and others by using affected speech, being ostentatious, showy or overly ambitious, a pompous ass, artificially inflating my part, overblowing the issue, sounding high and mighty, using flowery speech, being grandiose and elaborating beyond the pale (like I am now).

We all do it. We all do it, badly.

So I practice the opposite: being genuine, telling things honestly.

I moderate my speech and behavior.

My virtue is modest, plain, simple, humble, and unconceited when I am at my best.

I attempt to write the way I talk, using common speech as a model towards writing simple truth and using plain language.

I am sick of hearing myself talk or being depicted in the first person.

I find it easier to use silence to persuade myself to use an economy of words when I speak.

But as a curious student who tries too hard to get it right. I tend to overdo my mistakes before I can become aware of them and take a better approach.

I offer you a chance to question all that I say here by engaging me or your closer friends in a chit-chat or discussion about this topic of being a ‘blowhard’.

I just found myself judging the clerk at the store today.  I said, “You are being pretentious.”  Of course, I was talking to myself.