Meditate On Royal Victoria Marathon!

The 2023 RVM Race Route Rolling Full Road Closures Sunday, October 8,2023

If you live downtown, you are part of it.

Do you ever get stuck in rush hour traffic?

You will be stuck for 2 or 3 hours during the race on Sunday morning from 7 to 9-9:30!!!!!

-across Yates at Douglas, Blanchard and Quadra-reopen by 9am

-across Cook at Fort-re-open by 9:10am

-and it goes on and on.

-so you can get stuck and hate it for a while…

So, plan ahead for at least Sunday October 8!!!!! victoria


This is great. Every year, lots of notice, flyers in the mail….

I love these guys.

Awareness is key!

Are You Aware?

Master Writing

It seems like too much confusion surrounding good writing practice exists in the digital world today.

So, producing content is for the purpose of mastering your art form.

To uncover who you are as a writer, to help you become a good writer.

Since the industry is expensive at best and the writer is fortunate at best, it is important to keep one eye on the business of your craft at all times.

A novel approach I take is creating a good practice at the best price, best product and attempt to follow successful outcomes.

I am still enjoying the free ride my enthusiasm affordability and free publishing allows me.

But I don’t deny it. I am following the money.

No Joke, It’s Springtime

Be gentle oh spring, bring me fair weather and song.

Don’t mock our daffodils or tulips,

A barn burning can’t make the crops grow,

The sinister sun plays among the clouds…

Post Valentines Day’s Blues

“I am a chocolate frog.”

“You are a commercial abomination, exploitative in nature (business entity, reeling in glee after days or weeks of pirating the human soul!).”

” Think of yourself with curiosity and humour, compassionate care, the same care you would offer anyone in need of comfort.”

“Bah humbug!”

“Eat me, you fool!”


“Eat me.”

“Arrhha, arrhha…hmm, very good, thank you.”

Beat The Winter Blues, Clean Up!

I am going to start my day, the same as any other…

The only difference is that I am going to work for myself.

I envision a workday of visiting and talking to relatives, meals and chores, not necessarily in that order.

I will get an hour walk, pick up groceries (remember cash back and ask for loonies for laundry).

My goal is to visit mom around 9-10AM.

Head home and cook chicken and the rest of my lunch (carrots and potatoes with a chocolate dessert).

Do laundry, take out garbage, do hand wash (silk pillow cases: improves sleep quality!). Do dishes (while listen to some hot Jazz), vacuum, clean bathroom (probably use beats blue tooth with “Extreme Ways” blaring in my ears).

What else? I will need to fit in a call to my sister, ad lib any other social interactions or situations…

You get the idea, I will be too busy to be ‘blue’. How about you?

Happy weekend!

P.S. I’m taking my relatives to the casino tomorrow, wish me luck (with them of course).

Order Vs. Chaos: Good Works!

In this dialogue, the paradigm of Good Vs Evil is replaced with Order Vs Chaos.  The two duke it out.  No surprize here, order wins hands down.

Order:  Why don’t you like good?

Chaos:  I like good.

O:  I know you don’t.  You could care less about anything.  You don’t respect anything.  Why do you destroy?

C:  I like disorder.

O:  You don’t like anything, anyone, anywhere.  Nothing.  You like disorder, because it is the opposite of order, it is Chaos.

C:  Exactly, but good works for you.  It helps you stay organized and you like working, staying alive.

O:  Wrong.

C:  What then?

O:  Clarity, balance, growth, and this allows the universe to continue.  If all else continues, we will grow, we will emerge.  We are agents of order and good.  Do you get it?

C:  Ya, ya.  What am I, bad breath, a wasted life?

O:  You are a slayer of all life.  Because, nothing begets nothing.  You don’t work.  You harm all that works.

C:  I don’t get it.  What is all the hub bub about.  You win, I loose, you loose I win, what’s the difference?

O:  Good works.  Your way, there is no order.  My way, Chaos lives to create trouble another day.

C:  You telling me, I win either way?

O:  Yup.

C:  Damn.  That’s good.

O:  Exactly…

…there and back again…

Perhaps, it has only started in the 60th year of my life.

Or after one of the many splendid adventures of being at home on planet earth.

But the inspiration and the meaning is definitely inspired from the source:  The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien.

I can think of many a children’s story that is read and admired by adults: Alice and Wonderland, Around the World In Eighty Days, and many more deserving stories.

You get my drift…

Or, perhaps it is an enduring sense of bliss.

I can feel it, taste it and believe.

This is a power unto itself, an inspiration, a muse or a passion.

Isaac Asimov called it, “A Joy Still Felt”.

Anyone, who needs to believe or wants to explore, do a passion, wanderlust, wants to live! will do, say, believe and experience what I feel, in every bone of their body, mind and soul.

And yet, this adventure is understated as ‘there and back again”.