No, I don’t have a quote….

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

I do my best each day. I do no harm and practice the proper use of impressions.

I live the above way.

I think, feel, act, and believe this way.

If I can, I will rewrite who and what I am to be more like this way.

This is the best way to be for me.

The Meaning of Philosophy

The literal version is “the love of wisdom “.

The purpose of Philosophy is to secure reality and experience.

What a belief to explore….

A Medical Opinion

What about healthcare, the pandemic, vaccines, big pharma, nurses, doctors, and more on opinion.

Whose opinion do you need to hear to help you make an informed decision on your individual health needs?

Perhaps, you may know John Campbell.

He has been reporting on Covid all through the Pandemic.

He has changed a lot over the year.

He may have something to say about all of this.

If you need to hear an opinion at the moment, you might consider the vid below.

What are we going to do? How can we do our best and do no harm?

The Future Is The Good Life

Yes, I will do my best.

Yes I will use the premise: proper use of impressions.

And yes, I will do no harm.

Imagine, you doing the same.

And, imagine everyone else doing the same.

The Future is doing its best, using the proper use of impressions and doing no harm.

How much do you earn when you follow this method?

Is it of any worth?

Life is worth it, why not a good life?

I am grateful to practice every day.

Are You A Modernist?

You are dead.

Do you grope around in the dark testing ‘what you depend on’?

Do you seize the opportunity to give meaning and work to where you live?

It will require a class.

Do you want to be part of that class?

“We need to start again at the bottom.” Said Bruno Latour.

Education is key, please watch the vid below.

It is the “ecological class” to give pride and courage to these people.

He named it. What does he believe?

The Inner Power Of Judgement

Are we by nature, to some degree, suffering from schizophrenia?

Is our brain part of an organ, our body, which may not have found a balance or equilibrium striving to find a balance with humanity as a whole?

And are we part of a bigger body, life on the earth, life in the universe?

If the above premises have sufficient ballast, perhaps we can grow into a better relationship with our whole being or whole relationship to a bigger body like life on earth, like life in the universe.

The stoics seemed to believe these premises and conclusions.

If it harms you, you are hurting others.

Sit still with your ‘hatred’ or thirst for the truth.

Sometimes your ‘passion’ is a sign of self-harm or harm to others.

Can you ‘fear’ so much, that you don’t help people by uncovering the truth?

Yes, you must not abandon strong feelings to act in harmful ways.

If it itches that much don’t ‘scratch’ it.

Can you ‘sin’ against yourself and others?

Are your ‘beliefs’ that others are to blame a false judgement?

Are you too close to the problem to act in an objective manner?

Calm, still, silent.

Be courageous, compassionate, aware and contemplative,

Own the truth.

Be your own best friend and let go of the compulsion to act on your feelings, actions or beliefs.

Do no harm.

Heal the wound in your consciousness, your society.

Be a good person to all your relations while in the present to the best of your ability.

Help support and grow or evolve towards a better way.

To doctor the ‘art of living’ through hard work.


Find your equilibrium….

The Simple Life

Living is doing, and doing may make sense out of the day.

What a routine: waking up to one, working through one, being with one, seeing one and so on , ad infinitum.

Philosophy is relating to common sense and doing it for the sake of itself and to produce more of it.

A bit like that snake that eats itself but being able to keep the malevolence out of the way.

Maybe that is the best way to treat it….

Life is important and the only time to live.

But death is coming and it happens every day.

Lots of books about it.

Lots of philosophy about it.

But it is important to make the experience be your own way of living each day.

Some say, each day is a blessing,

and philosophy tends to say an awful lot about life to express a simple way to live each day.

Most of us are still too full of ourselves to truly live a simple life.

Maybe that is the hook needed to persuade the majority of people to slow down a little and maybe even live a little,

Some phrase it like ‘The Joy Still Felt’, (an autobiography by Isaac Asimov) or living the simple life.

Start out this way, do it each day, do more and more and grow a simple way to live until that is all you do.

Consider this challenge to engage the moment and live simply as often as you and others are able.

You can’t go wrong.

Just do it.

The habit is good and is its own reward.

The Meaning In The Word…

What does it mean to harm someone and feel good about it?

Does my anger persuade you to do something to harm this person?

Is it meaningful to harm , be angry and feel good about it?

The human condition is complex at best, sometimes distasteful and often very messy.

Quantum Health

Can mother nature be at the root of health?

Do we need to hear about chemistry, physics and biology at the quantum level to understand our health problem?

Here is one man’s opinion on the topic.

Keep in mind this could sound more like a conspiracy theory than science or medicine.

But if you need to find some alternative health methods, you may want to take this journey.