A Dream Or Story

The art of living is a very nice philosophy.

Be free, be play, be today.

People are hungry for spirituality.

We are looking for answers and questions.

Look for the best way to be!

Do no harm to yourself or others.

Depend on the best experience, seize the day, celebrate being conscious-use impression in the proper way!

Calm, Still, Silent: Do no harm!

If you had to give up one word that you use regularly, what would it be?

I actually use all the above words all the time.

It is not impulsive. It is a practice.

I can stop any time.

Why bother?

Why Is Life One Big Relationship?

Adler said it something like all life’s problems can be resolved through relationships.


Does this simply your life?

Check him out.

Email Chainmail Of Sorts

My challenge to you is to read this blog which states for all those who purport to do good in this world to do the following.

1. Write an email to somebody enclosing a positive message.

2. Tell them to write another (positive) email to somebody else with the instruction to do the same.

Get it, got it, good!


Someone here may remember his innermost peace.

Here again, he taught us mindfulness.

Here he found his compassion to share the world.

Zen Master

No, I don’t have a quote….

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

I do my best each day. I do no harm and practice the proper use of impressions.

I live the above way.

I think, feel, act, and believe this way.

If I can, I will rewrite who and what I am to be more like this way.

This is the best way to be for me.

The Meaning of Philosophy

The literal version is “the love of wisdom “.

The purpose of Philosophy is to secure reality and experience.

What a belief to explore….


A Medical Opinion

What about healthcare, the pandemic, vaccines, big pharma, nurses, doctors, and more on opinion.

Whose opinion do you need to hear to help you make an informed decision on your individual health needs?

Perhaps, you may know John Campbell.

He has been reporting on Covid all through the Pandemic.

He has changed a lot over the year.

He may have something to say about all of this.

If you need to hear an opinion at the moment, you might consider the vid below.

What are we going to do? How can we do our best and do no harm?

The Future Is The Good Life

Yes, I will do my best.

Yes I will use the premise: proper use of impressions.

And yes, I will do no harm.

Imagine, you doing the same.

And, imagine everyone else doing the same.

The Future is doing its best, using the proper use of impressions and doing no harm.

How much do you earn when you follow this method?

Is it of any worth?

Life is worth it, why not a good life?

I am grateful to practice every day.

Are You A Modernist?

You are dead.

Do you grope around in the dark testing ‘what you depend on’?

Do you seize the opportunity to give meaning and work to where you live?

It will require a class.

Do you want to be part of that class?

“We need to start again at the bottom.” Said Bruno Latour.

Education is key, please watch the vid below.

It is the “ecological class” to give pride and courage to these people.

He named it. What does he believe?