Keep Calm And Write On…

The concept is from old British propaganda.

It has become popular to use slogans and make up your own.

In the spirit of “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

Even when my muse is out to lunch.

Especially when others think I need to take a brake.

Sometimes after I throw in the towel.

During, after and before all forms of inspiration.

Till, death due we part…


The Wholehearted Life

All in, making a commitment to self, family and friends, neighbours, community and being a world citizen or living the ‘good life’.

Reclaiming health, wealth and contentment in a day to day way.

Being willing to let go of control when the choice is best.

Turning from self to others when causing harm, apparent when doing something that seems part of my life at the time.

Being aware when I feel something and teaching myself to act on it without doing myself or others wrong.

Maintaining a balance between what will produce a healthy outcome and maintain my needs or wants without creating a problem.

Making it my job to obtain optimum health, wealth and contentment, but learning when I am better accepting less, sometimes less is more.

‘Caring of the Soul’, a responsible way of being that is a job that produces outcomes ‘good’ for myself and others and the environment.

An ongoing attempt to grow a life of wholeheartedness.

Peace Maker

As unlikely as it may seem, peace can come from war.

And yes, a peace maker is a warrior.

Fight for peace, change and a better way to be human.

Don’t assume your enemy has bad intent:  check all bad intent at the door.

Ask questions to open up the conversation to a more genuine chit-chat.

Be good, be neutral, don’t antagonize, find common ground.

Listen, reach out to these difficult people and problems to help us find our humanity and loose our desire for war.

Check out a warrior who found a piece of humanity for herself:


We Took It All For Granted… (imagine what it would be like, if you received this letter)

Whoever is reading this means that life as we know it is all over.

We annihilated the cities, and most of the people due to an all out nuclear war.

It doesn’t matter who started it or who caused it, but you can bet, we all had a hand in it.

If that means that thousands or even hundreds of people are viable to repopulate and start again, it now all falls to you.

Please, think long and hard as to why you like myself had a hand in the loss of life as we know it.

Try, not to blame others or to shirk the responsibility we need to rebuild and find a better trajectory than before.

Also, try not to feel guilty, who knows this may not have been the first time or the last time.

All you can do, is try again, and hopefully learn from our mistake.

Good luck, and God bless.

#1 Stress Release For Canadian Thanksgiving 2019

A linguist friend of mine made me a tape back in the nineties to help me cope with stress.

To be honest, this tape is better, I highly recommend taking some part of 3 hours and discover it for yourself.

I love classical music, and all though this is one of the most popular pieces of all time, it is personal, today many will recognize it as a wedding music piece.

Please look after yourself, try the link below for a beautiful rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major