The Undiscovered Self

Oh, happy happy soul,

You are uncovering the mirth of laughter,

You see me, as you wish to be,

But can not find the courage to be,

And miss the point of a man of laughter,

Who is content to be brave beside the virtues of many forms of compassion,

A partner may also be content or a child or a whole family or community,

This same self belongs to the individual or group or even the society at large,

Yet, a genuine expression of laughter requires an authority that brings acceptance to everyone who sees him,

He is both a leader and a follower,

He is kind and understands,

His openness and laughter, encourages others to do the same.

So, look no further, discover your self in this matter, be willing to do so by being content, compassionate and brave and sit among others to share your laughing to all those willing to see and hear it, as a ring of truth, beauty and being courageous at being.

Aloha Hawaii

There is no better way to learn about a place than through its history and people, when they are represented by their good.

Some will come to this by travel, images and through their imagination.

Today we have videos and movies to magnify their good.

With this in mind I highly recommend “Running for Grace”.  As it says in the introduction, it is set in 1920’s Hawaii, a young man of mixed race and the daughter of a white plantation owner must overcome racial and class prejudice to be together.

Cast:  Ryan Potter, Matt Dillon, Jim Caviezel and Director:  L. Cunningham.


Canadian AI Gurus Predict next war started by Algorithm

Is there a failsafe for such an event?

Who can we count on to oversee AI and weapons of war?

Prevention is cure.

Let’s invest in better safety protocol for AI and weapons

The End Of Tribalism

Superman is dead.

Everyone is a hero.

Meta human beings fighting for the future.

Jimmy gives Bill his fortune to do good.

People are rising up and beginning to help the smaller nations.

People are beginning to embrace one another.

And a new generation is using its power and influence to create a better world.

Perhaps, humanity will become a tribe one day.

Perhaps, we will find others out there.


Does Drinking Water Help?

Before you read the excellent article on drinking water and how to set up a schedule, let me convince you to do it.

I am a big believer in good habits, but some work better than most.

By setting up a schedule for almost anything, you are probably more likely to do it or try it.

I have spent years drinking the other kinds of beverages to excess because I never had a good drinking water habit.

Not only does water have many benefits like loosing weight and flushing out toxins in the body,

but to do it right, you need to learn to do all the good habits that make water the ‘icing on the cake’.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day, only becomes manageable when you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Otherwise, you will not like the taste or enjoy drinking the amount of water that brings all the benefits.

Considering that water helps maintain and regulate the human body or any other living thing on the planet, it is a pretty worth while thing to look into on your own.

The other thing about good habits is the need for internal motivation,which means you need to get to know yourself and find out what works for you.

If this does not get you drinking more clean healthy water, read the article on the link below.

Good luck, good life!

The Writing Practice

There are only sounds of words,

I have a vision, it brings purpose, in a way.

The touch or feeling is electrifying, and singular.

A taste of death, the desire for truth,

The scent of saints, a flower’s bouquet,

When you struggle to read, a sound is all you need,

You can see what and who to follow,

Sometimes, a powerful calling is only felt once,

A true pleasure may taste bad.

A good scent follows us all.

Learn to write in every way but do not delay.

Cast a blog or journal into the foray.

Bring ballast to the word:  read, recite, rehearse, review, record, question and survey.

Some ideas are hard to hold and hide in the cracks like a moray.

Research is more than a ‘google’ or as report, it is your forte!

To be a generalist, a word lover, a creative visionary, a critical taster, a moral florist…

To write and read and research for all you are worth everyday.

And to pay particular attention to your mind and body and living the good life…

This is the life of a writer and will prove to be a good practice over time.

Once and for all.

The first time is for all of us.

We learn everything this way.

You see how someone does it, usually someone you know and probably care about.

Everyone you know cares and knows about it.

In a lot of ways we are all the same, and that is part of being human.

But finally, when we all join in for this act.

The outcome is a lot like our population.

It takes a lot of givers to make things work.

Let’s do this on the world stage.