Education About Religion

Religious or not, to be misinformed about any topic is not a good thing.

Some topics are more important than others, I put religion near the top.

Check out the link below to access the top 50 blogs and websites on the world religions.

Who knows, you may find out something to maintain a better insight on the topic.

Top 50 Religious Blogs and Websites About the World of Religion in 2020

The Web

‘www or the World Wide Web ‘ is not specifically the same as the internet.

I just like the idea of collaboration and cooperation globally.

But this is the tool to do it.

Unfortunately, not everyone has it or wants it.

It would be good to get access people beyond the day to day or within the common interest of all.

Gratefully, their are never a shortage of contributors or content.

I just can’t see the importance of universal communication, it may help keep the door open or more transparency, but there are problems.

Like we have a lack of compassion, so the permanency of record may create problems for those who use to be forgotten in analogue forms.

The vague image of the information seems a little challenging to use, it seems to make everyone a researcher or nobody an expert.

But I think the web is worth looking into and using on the regular basis.

Better try to limit use to 4 hours a day, it seems more addictive than TV.