Every religion teaches virtues like patience, simplicity and compassion.

Humanity teaches the importance of religion.

Therefore, religion is important to humanity.

I believe in treating people with compassion and building self-confidence to find the best way to live my life.

I like and admire the way the Dalia Lama expresses this to the world.

I am living a good life, and respect philosophy, religion and the humanities.

But I do not worship or devote myself to them.

I respect Authority and leadership in the same way.

This is why I think it is best for people (including myself) to listen and learn from many people who can help us find better ways to live a good life.

Please watch the vid below by the Dalai Lama. He is sharing wisdom that I believe helps me practice living a good life. And it may help others find some better ways to improve them while living the ways that allow them to live a good life.

Education About Religion

Religious or not, to be misinformed about any topic is not a good thing.

Some topics are more important than others, I put religion near the top.

Check out the link below to access the top 50 blogs and websites on the world religions.

Who knows, you may find out something to maintain a better insight on the topic.

Top 50 Religious Blogs and Websites About the World of Religion in 2020

Major religious groups – Wikipedia

Major religious groups – Wikipedia
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6.42 billion people are religious according to stats,

But there are lots of types of religion,

It is worthwhile to investigate and find people who like to discuss the various religious customs, traditions and beliefs to better understand and respect each other.

[Michael, Modern Day Philosopher], Jainism

In this dialogue, the two principles discuss religion that is not violent or odd in any way.  And neither of us are odd in any way, we sometimes take ourselves seriously because we are afraid of being different or misunderstood.

Michael:  It is refreshing to see a philosopher who is different and stands up to bigots and racists.  Someone who employs reason to understand and be understood.  Yet, we are different, each in his or her own way.  And we are proud to be ourselves.  Sometimes we get a little too serious or say things we do not mean.

Modern Day Philosopher:  Yes, I said Jainism is a harmless lot and we need not worry about them because they are pacifists like Gandhi, and vegetarian and always bending down looking at the ground so ‘they’ don’t step on a bug.

Me:  Yes, well, I’m sure you are not proud of calling non-violent people, pacifists.  And like Gandhi, have a humility and passion to allow humanity to reach beyond their grasp and strike them.  In this non–violent way they continue to fight for freedom that is best for all.

MDP:  I am sure I did not understand or saw how silly I was behaving when I said this about the ancient religion of Jainism.  And Gandhi was not a pacifist.  He stood up to the colonialism of the time to free the nation of India with the help of all the people.

Me:  Yes, sometimes, I do not see my difference when I play or turn away from myself or others.  Yet, we all do harm to ourselves and others.  We are only human and we have accidents and make mistakes.

MDP:  Yes, and we all deserve a second chance, if only we would take it.

Me:  I agree, and Jainism shows us all a way to take a second chance.  Humanity is lucky to have 6 million people practicing these kinds of principles in their lives.