How To Tell The Difference Between A Skintag And Melanoma

Okay, I am no expert, but I have had stage 2 Melanoma from a skin tag on my right arm.

The important thing is to go see a Doc ASAP.

To be honest, I couldn`t see the tag and didn`t notice it until I tore it on a truck door at work.

Lucky for me, I saw a dermatologist, right away.

I had a biopsy.

I got a suggestive result.  It was melanoma and another elective operation was suggested by a plastic surgeon.

I had the operation and the results were good.

No sign of cancer anywhere and just a simple check up twice a year to prevent anything serious.

I need to see a dermatologist every six months.

Great news, steep learning curve.

I believe something caused the melanoma.  But I can`t prove it.

But hopefully you can find out if you have anything wrong with your skin tag, if it looks strange, by simply reading the article below.

Again, I am not a doctor and I am not even giving advice.

I suggest you read the article below for peace of mind.

P.S.  You are most likely fine, I am a rare bird, but I am glad I found out in time.

How to Tell the Difference between a Skin Tag and Melanoma


International Day of Peace

The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21 each year to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. The International Day of Peace is also a day of ceasefire – personal or political.
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The more important question is about day two.

There is a need for continuing the work to a final conclusion:365 a year.

With this actuality, progress can continue to be strived for with concrete outcomes and a direction to improve on the day to day peace, ad infinitum…

Individuals need to be engaged, repeatedly to attempt a dialogue and affirmative action for ongoing continual peace.

John Lennon said it best, “Give peace a chance.”

Day by day, an actual scale to approach for everyone, in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation.


They have a way of coming to the surface.

There are infinite ways to express one.

They can represent the truth without showing or telling.

They are a containment system.

We all make mistakes with secrets, but we can surely learn from them.

Holding on to one that needs to be let go, can be very painful.

Sometimes, it is helpful to write it down or tell a friend or family member.

But as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, no foul is done.

The language of secrets is an old tradition that bonds people to each other.

Secrets are something to use in the proper manner or suffer the consequences.


Classic Good Works

Becoming a cognitive warrior is a way to face magical thinking and designing a new self-image.

In the 80’s, bibliotherapy became a new way to practice ‘good work’.

Prior to that, thousands of years earlier, hard won battles with the mind won favor.

Today, we know we are what we think, believe and act upon.

So, to learn what we can control about ourselves is a ‘good work’ or skill that we can practice to live a more contented life.

To meet with minds that know how to teach this tool, check out David D. Burns and the old philosopher, Epictetus.

Of course the simplest and best way to meet these two are through bibliotherapy, or what most people call book learning or putting things into practice that you read and believe in the book.

Good luck.

Work Vs. Play

Stay ignorant or learn to get along,

Accept your work or give it up,

Remember your thoughts on the subject, your rights and privileges, the moral values and the ability to go with the flow.

Act on this knowledge as each circumstance becomes clear to you.

As a student, you must learn when and how to play, without harm to yourself or others.

So be a slave, but become aware of it, study your captivity.  And learn to get out of your prison.

Remember what happened to you and what it is like now that you are aware of all the details, and how important it is to change.

Do what is right for you, practice the proper use of impressions, or doing it right-do no harm to yourself or others.

And lastly, know the source of your life and problems and play it by ear, go with the flow, allow things to be, especially when they are out of your control.  And you will learn to be content.

Who knows, you may earn your freedom.  Perhaps, freedom from your situation lies within being content with what is out of your control.

How To Live The Good Life

Here is a blog that seems to have some pretty good ideas ‘how to live the good life’.  I may have my own ideas but this is a good place to start.

And as far as journaling goes, sometimes simple topics taken from the article above act as great prompts to journal about.  All you need is a template or a blank journal.

Gratitude For Living The Goodlife                Date:

There are many books and beliefs about the good life.  There are also many lectures and videos and podcasts.  I will mention some on my next serial entry on this topic.