Who Do You Want Socrates To Be?

He is learning to be a better person.

I am doing the same by learning from my teacher : Epictetus.

Who is your teacher?

I think Socrates posits the question best through getting to know himself and staying anonymous ( not writing much down and becoming complex through a student called Plato).

I like it that money is available but not to excess.

I like it that education is key to being a better person.

It seems important to do my best and do no harm.

It is tragic that Socrates died to prove a life is worth living.

But if I truly understand, I may yet be free from the clutches of vice and ruin.

I believe in a living life kind of stoicism.

To be rational, find mental and moral health and let go of hate or a lack of compassion for yourself or others.

I guess I believe in quality of life.


List the people you admire and look to for advice…

I have a one stop shop when it comes to mentor/advice.

His philosophy and therefore mine comes with sage advice through study and practice.


A journal helps to communicate with self when mentor/advice is a non living variety.

Stay out of the limelight….

You benefit through practice.

The proper use of impressions are key.

Many slogans and or mantrum will have a helpful learning benefit.

Enough said.

Study Epictetus

Like Socrates, Epictetus had his student write down his ideas.

Be either a philosopher (Do your philosophy, by applying good ideas to your life, you will learn to live that way.) or wing it.

Question what is within an individuals power and those things which are not.

In this sense, study, read, research, and write about living life (specifically your own).

To think about a life in this specific way will bring wisdom to apply on the day to day basis to improve or ‘cure’ the problems.

To ‘do no harm’ and apply the ‘proper use of impressions’ is to use reason to work out problems in day to day living.

“Conduct ourselves through life fulfilling all our duties as children, siblings, parents, and citizens.”


Earning A Little Freedom

”Freedom is the only worthy goal in life. It is won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control”

Much is beyond my control,

Most often, I have the choice to decide ya or nay for myself.

It is a shame to miss out on a good ‘ya or nay’!

Classic Good Works

Becoming a cognitive warrior is a way to face magical thinking and designing a new self-image.

In the 80’s, bibliotherapy became a new way to practice ‘good work’.

Prior to that, thousands of years earlier, hard won battles with the mind won favor.

Today, we know we are what we think, believe and act upon.

So, to learn what we can control about ourselves is a ‘good work’ or skill that we can practice to live a more contented life.

To meet with minds that know how to teach this tool, check out David D. Burns and the old philosopher, Epictetus.

Of course the simplest and best way to meet these two are through bibliotherapy, or what most people call book learning or putting things into practice that you read and believe in the book.

Good luck.