How To Tell The Difference Between A Skintag And Melanoma

Okay, I am no expert, but I have had stage 2 Melanoma from a skin tag on my right arm.

The important thing is to go see a Doc ASAP.

To be honest, I couldn`t see the tag and didn`t notice it until I tore it on a truck door at work.

Lucky for me, I saw a dermatologist, right away.

I had a biopsy.

I got a suggestive result.  It was melanoma and another elective operation was suggested by a plastic surgeon.

I had the operation and the results were good.

No sign of cancer anywhere and just a simple check up twice a year to prevent anything serious.

I need to see a dermatologist every six months.

Great news, steep learning curve.

I believe something caused the melanoma.  But I can`t prove it.

But hopefully you can find out if you have anything wrong with your skin tag, if it looks strange, by simply reading the article below.

Again, I am not a doctor and I am not even giving advice.

I suggest you read the article below for peace of mind.

P.S.  You are most likely fine, I am a rare bird, but I am glad I found out in time.

How to Tell the Difference between a Skin Tag and Melanoma


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