#1 Stress Release For Canadian Thanksgiving 2019

A linguist friend of mine made me a tape back in the nineties to help me cope with stress.

To be honest, this tape is better, I highly recommend taking some part of 3 hours and discover it for yourself.

I love classical music, and all though this is one of the most popular pieces of all time, it is personal, today many will recognize it as a wedding music piece.

Please look after yourself, try the link below for a beautiful rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major


“Freedom from desire leads to inner peace.” Lao Tse

A simple mistake is to act on desire without a good habit.

To go or flow in a good direction, will allow good ways to reach inner peace.

The “Tao Te Ching” expresses good ways to find inner peace.

There is some struggle or work necessary to align your ‘will’ to ways that work.

A good description of ‘inner peace’ is being calm, still and silent.

Or quiet time is a big part of finding your inner peace.

Learning to do ‘no harm’ is another good descriptive expression.

Inner peace is very much a spiritual job.

Needing this state of mind is a very human condition.

If love and wisdom go hand in hand, perhaps inner peace needs a companion, health and peace of mind?