Work Vs. Play

Stay ignorant or learn to get along,

Accept your work or give it up,

Remember your thoughts on the subject, your rights and privileges, the moral values and the ability to go with the flow.

Act on this knowledge as each circumstance becomes clear to you.

As a student, you must learn when and how to play, without harm to yourself or others.

So be a slave, but become aware of it, study your captivity.  And learn to get out of your prison.

Remember what happened to you and what it is like now that you are aware of all the details, and how important it is to change.

Do what is right for you, practice the proper use of impressions, or doing it right-do no harm to yourself or others.

And lastly, know the source of your life and problems and play it by ear, go with the flow, allow things to be, especially when they are out of your control.  And you will learn to be content.

Who knows, you may earn your freedom.  Perhaps, freedom from your situation lies within being content with what is out of your control.

Transparency Of The 13th Amendment

Why are thousands of people being exploited because they are poor?

Why are people being enslaved by the criminal justice system?

Why is business using these people as a form of cheap labor?

Why is business trying to privatize the criminal justice system?

Why are business’s eating these poor people for breakfast?

When are we going to help free poor people from prison?

Let’s stop criminalizing poor people.

Let’s reform by helping poor people in prison: Giving to the poor is helping them get out of prison.

Stop redesigning the criminal justice system to perform a mandate that is unjust: stop putting poor people in jail.