What We Do – Living Edge Community

Living Edge demonstrates compassion and care for the needs of those living in poverty in Victoria, BC with free groceries, meals, and more.
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Food bank line ups are getting longer in Victoria, B.C.

And compassion can be sorely wanting in this local.

Sometimes ( Thursday) the parking can be a challenge.

Many working poor have cars and flock to get fresh fruit and vegetables.

In the thick of things emotions may run high.

But the people need food.

Become aware of what may occur in the neighborhood.

Awareness of living edge.ngo is a good thing.

Cannabis In British Columbia

What are the rules and regulations regarding marijuana in B.C.?

Getting informed and prepared for the legalization of marijuana in B.C. on October 17, 2017.


We are ready, says Lisa Helps


World view


There are plenty of workplace health and safety tips and coping solutions for the public at large.

Time will help the adjustment of new practices, but it is always good to stay informed about ongoing changes in all parts of our lives.