Do You Really Want The Consequences Of This Bad Habit Every day For The Next Year

Are you trying to change a habit but can’t.

Perhaps you are going about it the wrong way mentally.

The way we do things are as important as the things we do.

To tell ourselves we will cut down a little each day, doesn’t show us what to do or reenforce it.

To stop now may be the best move but most difficult to experience.

To think clearly helps.

To see clearly is not as easy as the experienced individual.

To formulate the best strategy is even more difficult.

A personal trainer can help, but who can afford it?

Keep in mind this is not a trick but an experience.

Think about what it is like to repeat the unwanted habit each day, and keep this in mind as you decide how to stop and replace your habit with a better one.

Read and write about it.

Research it.

Find a better way to change and do it today.

Remember it is worse when you think it is happening to you.

Consider ‘playing it by ear’, when you worry about the future or dwell on the past or fail or succeed.

The intention is to stop creating or repeating mistakes by blaming yourself or others.

Change is hard and challenging and we all work on it day by day.

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