Ebola outbreak complex

Change is hard to see.

Look into Ebola in DRC,

We all need to be aware, accepting and supportive,

What do you think?

WHO to hold emergency meeting over Congo Ebola outbreak that’s seen 33 cases in past week

To stay aware of Ebola Virus and people working for change

The people on the front lines deal with circumstances outside my experience and help me accept the differences.

The ever changing lives of people help me stay informed and connect with the Ebola effected community.

News is important and helps to put a face on problems out of my day to day routine.

I want to stay open minded and learn about Ebola.

Ebola Outbreak In DRC Update

All Is Good.

Supportive and helpful to those who faced this crisis,

Perhaps, the next outbreak will be even less harmful iff the support and help remains for a very harmful virus like Ebola.

Grateful to all parties that helped contain this outbreak.


Ebola Is Still Outbreaking In DRC

World Health Organisation confirms 103 cases,

DRC’s Health Ministry confirms 36 deaths and another 27 suspected deaths from Ebola.

Health workers are at risk, Salama said 14 are at risk and one worker died.

The situation has continued to be difficult to control. But with many resources at hand there will be a great effort made to improve on working solutions.

It is good to stay informed, aware and supportive.


Ebola Needs Support During This New Outbreak


This new information from WHO will alert many to the new Ebola threat.

Become aware and add support by spreading the update in your community and staying calm,supportive and informed of the situation from reliable trustworthy news outlets.

Ebola Situation Report For Democratic Republic Of Congo

This is the 15 report that involves the most current situation of the Ebola disease in this region.


It is considered to be nearly over after 2 incubation periods of the virus which is 42 days.

Yet it must be said, there needs to be global cooperation to maintain support for health and welfare in any crisis.

The psychology effects alone warrants consideration for ongoing financial support.

The potential for future outbreaks must be entertained to cover further possible instances.

With all the work and study, help and support, this situation report is good news.

WHO and the UN are sustaining the good work necessary to maintain global cooperation and collaboration against any current or future Ebola situation in DRC or elsewhere.

Our hearts go out to all those who were effected by this deadly disease and we offer our condolences to the families and friends of the deaths related in this situation report.