Peace Time

A change is as good as a rest…

Top things to do during a break from the chaos.

Go for a walk:  I love going out for a street hike or a walk through the forest.  My best trips are with friends and relatives.  But sometimes, I am lucky and connect with other people.

Go read and write:  I am reading about positive psychology and Philosophy Not Prozac!  I also like to journal each day and write poetry for my blog.

Go take some pictures with my iPhone7 plus.  I am fortunate to own so many devices:  Kobo Aura One, Desktop, laptop, iPad 2 air, Humming Bird, and some other older technology I hold onto for backups and stuff.

Go play on my devices doing all the things I like to do when reading, writing, and taking pictures or reading.  Not to mention all the research I can do on my favorite site:  Wikipedia.

Go eat, drink and be merry:  I usually take a relative out and we share lunch on the weekend at a favorite restaurant.

Go drink water, exercise and sleep.

Go meditate.

Go rest and relax.

Go and be free to do what is best in the moment.

Go take the time to be kind and reflect on all I am grateful for in my life.

Go give somebody support through whichever means I am able.

There seems to be an almost endless list of things I can do with my peace time.

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