Happiness Is…

Another cup of coffee, and a chance to finish what I love to do.

The beauty in nature and a chance to appreciate it by walking through a national park or hiking up a trail in the bush.

Being able to read, write and do math.

A wayward smile or a knowing glance, when I connect with strangers on a morning walk.

Believing in myself, others and the place I live.

Doing what I think is right and being friends with like minded people.

Doing my job, making a living and when I have a moment to assess all the good-bad-and ugly, I can still say it’s better to do this job than whatever seems better when I am upset or unstable.

Keeping my feet firmly on the ground and my mind firmly practicing ways to maintain peace of mind.

Exercising all the ways that keep my mind and body in shape!

Being part of a greater community to explore, work, volunteer and honor the people who make it work!

The list goes on and on , no wonder I am so grateful.

On the flipside, I have grief, sadness, depression, loss, harm to myself and others.

There is not always a simple way to solve my problems.

I miss out on so much, no university education, no good job, lots of debt, like everyone, I struggle with the ups and downs that rattle me.

Yet, mostly I avoid the major pitfalls, I get help from friends and relatives.

But no answer for the stuff that goes wrong.

At times life is tragic and requires lots of time and resources to recover.

Many things require practice, upkeep and improvements to the existing ways I act and cope with circumstances.

The more I live, the more I live, despite all the ups and downs because I strive to overcome all the things that stop me and damage me.

Obviously, it takes a little more to mend a life and it is wonderful when I help myself and give/receive help.

Not exactly an answer, but an acknowledgement that it’s been worth all the trouble.

(So far, I’m hanging in for the long run!)

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