Everyone has had a bout of it.

Everyone knows what it is.

But it is a chronic problem in society today which is screaming for social changes.

We need clinics, education and to adopt good policies to prevent further harm.

If you want to look after yourself, read this article.

Daylight Saving Time (DLS)

Seeing the ‘big picture’ with DLS seems to be about agreement on society’s need.

Most argue about the pros and cons but most go with the flow because of it’s basic need to produce a working schedule.

Like it or not, it is time to prepare for the time change,

With all the stuff we do these days it is nice to have a heads up.

If for some crazy reason you want more information, it is simple to google the date and time for your location.

After reading all about it on Wikipedia, you may want to check out the article to settle your own mind about some pro or con about this silly but necessary change.

Grab A Meeting With Society’s Daughter

People today, meet less and text more. Women meet and argue about what look they will use to move us forward from the millennia of awkwardness and backwardness. They will claim the power they need to contribute to this move and engage all along the path to a better future.

Dante is curious to know her mind.

Beatrice leaves her girlfriends to engage the observer.

Beatrice: Hello, my eyes invite you to a conversation. Have you not to say?

Dante: You ask too much from this asp. I must delay.

B: Surely, you prattle on about my whimsy?

D: I like the look of you, what will you do?

B: First, I will say how backwards this seems to me. And I invite my girls to participate.

D: My boyfriends are ready to jump in and make some moves.

B: Good, humanity acts like a fool. Can you stave your knave and avoid me?

D: I can, but at what expense?

B: Power and envy will get us nowhere.

D: Why play with words?

B: Because that is all you can see, I want to move forward.

D: Very well, I agree.

Moral Conundrum

She lapsed with her virtues…

He made his own bed, now he has to live in it…

To be human means vice and virtue, how to forgive and forget…

It is real for you and me.

What is the social contract?

Where are we today, collectively and as an individual?

Do no harm, admit mistakes, forgive and forget (even myself), much easier said than done, but that’s the challenge!

The Disease Called Loneliness

“Excuse me,” a young woman raises her hand on the bus. “Does anyone know when to pull the bell to get off at the mall?”

Meanwhile two other young women turn to each other with grimacing disapproval.

The individual is building self esteem and keeps low expectations.

The paired couple are attempting to discourage this young woman’s building her self-esteem.

The pattern of any person learning to get their needs meet can be taught by parents, schools, churches and by playing in other social groups.

To even make a friend is a risk many people will not do these days.

Social media and other devices are prompting people to choose a “bad behaviour over a good one”.

People prefer their smartphone to risking self esteem to pursue low expectations from social activities that are used as venues to pursuing greater expectations and greater risking of self-esteem necessary to overcome lonely feelings.

The “great debate” has yet to become public over issues of loneliness, but we can all agree it is costly and in epidemic proportions.

Take every risk presented to you, wherever you stand on the loneliness continuum to foster your subjective wellbeing!

Isolation Epidemic

Who wants to collaborate in order to live a longer, healthier life?

The health authority believes we are all slowly dying from a lonely life.

Everyone is so plugged into isolation by driving, working online, using devices like cell phones, tablets, other DVD and cd like devices, the computer is isolating us from each other.

Have you ever noticed the increasing lack of contact when walking through the city streets.

There is a lack of planning for social events with neighbors with in so called community.

People are stopping from touching and feeling each other.

The hug and the kiss are being used less often and with fewer and fewer people.

Don't go touchy-feely on me!

People need to reconnect.

People need to share devices, spaces, watch each other's kids.

A good place to start is at home with a better form of community living.

How do you want to live?

Who do you want to connect with in our dying way?

People die, cities are becoming isolation hubs.

This epidemic is a 'writing on the wall' moment.

We need to reconnect and learn how to live in each other's lives again.

So, unplug from your devices more often, join in on community more often, be in a coop, eat together, play together, learn together.

We need to become better neighbor and friends and co-workers.

We need to reverse the isolation trend.

Spring Trilogy

Pro Choice (Education) I

Can I have a baby?

It is my decision.

She wants a healthy baby, but is not having one.

She wants to stop over population.

She wants to wait until she meets the  best man.

She is trying to control her life.

Who is telling her to have a baby?

He is telling her.

Society is telling her.

Her parents are telling her.

She listens and chooses not to have a baby.

Who is mad at her?

People who choose to support people who are having babies.

Who is aloud to protest in a peaceful manner?

Who is aloud to me mad at someone or some group?

How can we coexist in peace?

Why fight for peace?

Why work for peace?

Why practice good habits?

Why do we need to change?

Why is there poverty?

What can we do about it?

Why is there war?

What can we do about it?

Why learn?

Why listen?

Who cares?  Why do they care?

How can we be better human beings?

Why question?

Learning to live life the best we can.

Spring (Question) Learning And Yearning II

Life blossoms around us in many ways:  the birds and the bees.

What about the flowers and the trees?

What about love?

Does it just happen?

Do we prepare for it?

How do we educate ourselves?

There are more ways to spring into life than just ‘doing it.’

How to plan a life.

How to live a life.

How to be.

How to do something that is best.

What is best?

Where is best?

These questions help clear the way for a better life.

Why question spring?  It is time.

Is it necessary to believe in spring?

Does it just happen?

When is spring?  March 20th?

Spring is truth and beauty.

The fountain represents youth, the new, and spring.

Spring is here and now.

There is a sense of celebration about it.

The miracle of life seems to happen during spring:  growth (inner?outer?)

Pro Choice (Or Pro Abort?) III

Who is right to abort a fetus, to have more than one wife, to do harm to any life (in any form)?

Who is right to believe they are right or wrong?

To choose to help rather than hurt, is this right?

To choose for another like saving a life?

To risk your own life, when is this right?

How do we learn the best way to live when in a big city?

Bylaws?  Crime and punishment?  all the regulating and politicking?

We have com a long way baby!

And we continue to get bigger and better.

Make it happen, choose to stand out in the crowd.

Use, don’t abuse your rights!