38th Annual Island Farms Santa’s Light Parade – Downtown Victoria Business Association

38th Annual Island Farms Santa’s Light Parade – Downtown Victoria Business Association
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Let’s get into the pre-parade jitters, 4:05 PM. Start at 5, all the best spots are taken, people filling in, floats all lined up, making last minute changes and running for hot cocoa!

The media doesn’t know what to do while awaiting checks and balances with equipment and staff.

Some seats sit vacant awaiting occupancy…

An hour to go.

4:30PM, not a lot of spaces left.

Starting to darken, should be good for pics tonight, 30 minutes to go.

The countdown continues, 4:45 PM, definitely getting dark, city street lights just turned on.

Is it okay to listen to Christmas carols, boring, 15 more minutes.

It’s not too late, 4:51PM, you can still make it down, standing room only!

Here we go!

If you can make it down, it is still going strong… Maybe next year!!

Teen vaping in Canada has taken a ‘worrisome’ turn | CBC News

University of Waterloo Prof. David Hammond’s new statistics on teen vaping in Canada over the last six months were so troubling he presented his data to Health Canada instead of waiting to publish it in a scientific journal.
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Parents beware, decide to play, how to engage my kid about stopping their smoking habit.

Old Man Vs. Young Woman: Love/ Hate Relationship

In this dialogue there is a simple exchange of opposing view on opening day of the bike lane on Fort Street in Victoria, B.C., Canada

Olds man: I am a tax payer!

Young Woman (trying to ride her bike around the old man who is purposely blocking her way): what do you think I am?

Zombie Walk (What to wear?)

Saturday at 3 PM, I need to head downtown for a night of debouching and Tom Foolery.

But what shall I wear?

Out of the 350 or so guest zombies, I could dress up as a little girl zombie going to the after birthday party, after the adults finish the zombie walk from Centennial Square to the legislature grounds.

My first impression is to wear an axe between my shoulder blades, get my hair done (lots of clotting blood and sand), I may get my nails ‘split’ and have someone crack my skull. If I had just known last year I was going again this year, I may have let myself rot in a ditch somewhere or let my body bloat in a stagnant pool of water.

Anyway, I think I’ll just put on an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt. If I go over to the Neighbors for a snack, someone will stab or

poke or punch me and I’ll start to bleed or get something stuck in me.

I’ve got a two headed axe. I think I can put it between my shoulder blades before I go.

I seem to always be hungry, but I can spare some buddies blood and brain to splatter on the windows on my way through town.

(Just joking, they don’t want us to do this on the walk.)

No guns, knives, or weapons of any kind.

This years annual Zombie Walk in Downtown, Victoria, B.C., will be a hoot!

Hope to see you there: Centennial Square beside City Hall.