WHO Adapts Ebola Vaccination Strategy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Account for Insecurity and Community Feedback

WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) today issued new recommendations to address vaccination challenges in the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
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A changing Strategy is reflective of the ongoing persistence of deaths despite all present efforts.

Perhaps, the new way of approaching vaccination will protect more people at risk to Ebola.

The fear that is generated by ongoing violence may be better understood through accepting new vaccinations and these new ways to help more people.

Please support this effort.

Media reports latest In Ebola Outbreak


There is trouble in this District republic of the Congo in the form of a nasty virus called Ebola.

Many people have died, been infected and some have recovered from this virus.

The numbers have slowly increased over the last four months, but the authorities have been pushing to maintain control over a serious situation.

Globally, China, USA, Canada and many others have been offering support and assistance as the problem continues to grow.

On the ground, in the region affected things have heated up due to the added violence due to civil warring and unrest.

WHO and many others are sending health workers and medical assistance to all those who need it.

With our hopes and prayers and support and assistance this outbreak may still be kept under control with persistence and tenacity.

Please remain calm, helpful and aware, this is still a difficult and unpredictable situation.

Ebola Thursday August 23, 2018


The outbreak in DRC continues to grow: total deaths 59 and 75 confirmed cases since last month.

New drugs are being used with care.

Continued support and best efforts are being accomplished during this crisis.

Awareness is a small price to pay, making every effort count.