Community Living

People like to love, work and live in a sustainable community.

In today’s society, the rat race has forced some to think beyond the norm and look for outlets in their relationships with others:  cooperatives, joining clubs and doing and being more involved in the local community.

Some may go into more challenging situation like “Sustainable Culture”.

Check out the following website for alternative community living.

Visions of Utopia – Experiments in Sustainable Culture

Although most of society will always be part of some kind of community, it is unlikely we will become more involved with neighbours, service work, or another form of volunteer work.

We live in a diverse community with amazing opportunities.

Please support the effort.

Media reports latest In Ebola Outbreak

There is trouble in this District republic of the Congo in the form of a nasty virus called Ebola.

Many people have died, been infected and some have recovered from this virus.

The numbers have slowly increased over the last four months, but the authorities have been pushing to maintain control over a serious situation.

Globally, China, USA, Canada and many others have been offering support and assistance as the problem continues to grow.

On the ground, in the region affected things have heated up due to the added violence due to civil warring and unrest.

WHO and many others are sending health workers and medical assistance to all those who need it.

With our hopes and prayers and support and assistance this outbreak may still be kept under control with persistence and tenacity.

Please remain calm, helpful and aware, this is still a difficult and unpredictable situation.