The Ebola Outbreak: The Need For U.S. Action | Health Affairs

The Ebola Outbreak: The Need For U.S. Action | Health Affairs
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Again, the US is being singled out to help with Ebola Outbreak.

Again, money is at the heart of the issue.

Please support the effort.

Dr. Joseph Fair: American Virologist Fighting Ebola in the DRC Talks Challenges, Setbacks

In part 2 of our Q&A with Fair, we talk about the challenges ahead in the fight against Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
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Professional opinion can be a helpful tool in Ebola Outbreak Awareness.

There are many unanswered questions in any given situation.

It requires perseverance and patience to become aware of ongoing changes in this matter.

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Ebola Outbreak 2019

An update shows that there is still lots to learn and work to be done to control this terrible outbreak.

There are so many factors that keep challenging the situation on the ground.

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How an Ebola research project could help combat vaccine disinformation in Canada | CBC News

A Canadian research project in Congo centred on how to build trust in communities could help efforts to fight the spread of Ebola, measles and many other diseases around the world.
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These are very early signs on learning about people who face the negative outcomes of the Ebola Outbreak in Africa.

Trust is essential and will be shared by those courageous people who are willing and able to connect and bond with others who share their wealth and expertise.

Perhaps Canada can help and maybe other countries can step up and do similar projects.

Please support a global effort.

Why the DRC Ebola outbreak was declared a global emergency and why it matters

Timing is everything when it comes to making a decision about declaring a disease outbreak a public health emergency of international concern.
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Context is another form of information that can help us understand.

With the understanding and financial support of the international community things start to look optimistic.

More awareness is needed to solve this problem with the Ebola outbreak.

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Authorities confirm new case of Ebola in remote, militia-controlled territory in Congo – The Globe and Mail

The widening geographic spread of the virus, and its presence in yet another zone under the sway of armed groups, raises the risk of it spreading out of control
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The concern for spreading of Ebola outbreak is on everyone’s mind.

To stay current of these conditions may help with perspective and understanding of DRC Ebola Outbreak.

The key is to maintain awareness.

Please support the effort.

How the Ebola crisis affected people’s trust in their governments | OUPblog

Legitimacy and trust fundamentally determine a state’s ability to effectively implement policies. Without legitimacy, governments cannot rely on citizens
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Trust is the foundation of legitimacy.

Trust will also help improve result in DRC with regards to the Ebola Outbreak.

If one of the outcomes is a better economy, so it goes.