With Authoritarianism on the rise, and some interpretations of “If” by Rudyard Kipling, I thought I’d share you mine.

One Interpretation

This poem is meaningful to me, I use it as a meditation to help me calm down and work out my own problems.

It may be a little old fashion, but there is still some good advice to any person.

I think it talks about living a balanced life.

The Future Of AI

The future is here:

AI= specifically better at doing any one human task like driving a car.

AGI= As good at doing anything a human can do (by 2028)

ASI=Better than any human (?)

Let’s talk about quantum computers.

Let’s learn machine language.

Let’s learn other things to do before (2028) rather than after we become a victim of technology.

Begin your education.

Become sufficiently aware of AI.

Education is key.

There are over 1 million AI jobs unfilled available at present.

Check out Amazon.

Think about it, support the effort.