Why Arn’t You Married?

Some or most people try getting married at least once.

Many or most don’t know how to navigate the experience: no owner’s manual.

Why be crass about it?

The harm is amazing to the community of people, but especially the couple and kids.

So, educate yourself.

Find some way to treat and work through the problems that happen in every marraige.

Please watch the vid below, it is a wake up call because it is about the opinion of a divorce lawyer.

Don’t forget, why are you married?

Try To Be….

Work as a citizen of the world and make it a practice in your life.

Let nature be your guide and reason to decide.

Act in ways that help you learn and practice change in all you do.

Capture passion as you go and make compassion help all grow.

Finish first or last and try your best, test your authenticity. and impressions that claim to be good.

The proper use of impressions are putting you and your life to good use.

One People, One Planet, One Future

There are many epic problems facing the people, planet and future today.

To check out the whole list go to the World Health Organization.

But there are a few things worth noting at this time.

We are treating the planet, each other and our collective future in a bad way.

A pretty pristine planet like ours deserves a little more respect.

She is a wonder with all the life forms and matter formations and energy.

She is just a small part of an equally impressive solar system, galaxy and universe.

Can we at least learn from our mistakes on earth?

We are a big group.

We are 8 billion strong.

There isn’t one of us that deserves to die.

Who among us can lead, everyone of us is responsible.

Managing time requires virtue:  be frugal with our time left to us.

Tomorrow will be over before it even begins at the rate we are going.

But don’t give up, properly use these impressions and learn to do no harm.

In time, we will learn to cure our lack of will, our acting on impulsive urges and other self-destructive ways.

Every human being is responsible for what becomes of us.

If we think we are that special, maybe it’s time to turn over a new leaf:  ‘all for one and one for all’.

Jungle (2017)

A young man makes his way to the amazon jungle with friends, but gets lost trying to travel by raft with his friend.

It is a coming of age movie, about a young man that discovers the terrors of being lost in the jungle.

Although, rotten tomatoes only gives it 60%, I highly recommend the movie as entertaining and worth seeing the unsettling consequences of an accident in the jungle.


The Code

Truth and beauty -that is all.The famous lines Beauty is truth, truth beauty’, that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know’ are taken from the Ode On A Grecian Urn by John Keats. It emphasizes the identity of beauty and truth.

This may sound a tad simplistic, but the point has to do with our identity.

Truth can be good or bad or somewhere in between.

Same goes for beauty.

Jung points this out with images using what he calls archetypes and the unconscious.

The criminal sees opportunity where the compassionate will eventually see the problem.

First, we need to see it in ourselves then we can see it in others.

Yet, we are guilty of deluding ourselves, but mostly ourselves,” Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive.”
– Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

My favorite paraphrase comes from a lady on the bus, she was listening to CBC.ca and recalled a paraphrase from a show, “People are a messy business.”

I guess there really is no answer, just being human, it is fair to think the worst and hope for the best.

Oh, how curious we are,





Affection and womanly (sister and mother) charm,

It’s my birthday, isn’t that for kids?

Don’t we all celebrate children as a way to help them be a healthy human being?

Okay, I won’t be a ‘smug martyr’ like Romesh Ranganathan.

But I do enjoy being low key.

But , be you, do you, vision and voice, you!

It’s a time to express the affection you have for yourself while allowing others to do the same.

In my case, mom and sis.

But there is more.  Really?

I’m loving to go to a movie and doing some reading and writing, and research, and journaling and philosophy, photography, talking, good habits (sleep, eat, exercise) and that is being responsible for expressing me!

But what’s it like on the inside?

Good, bad, ugly-it is a human mess.

And its also nice to see a little of that to spice up your day.

Maybe, in my case, I’ll do a little intrapersonal psychology throughout the year to express some of my mess.

In any case, be yourself, don’t let others push too hard, express yourself and let others express themselves too.  Happy living!

Perception Of Hell On Earth

The infinite varieties of hell are subject to the individual, groups and society at large.

But there is no place like home.

We all, carry a shadow which take a life time to befriend.

We dance around our hell by acting it out in real time and place with all those people and everything that is found on hell on earth.

For many, hell is just a metaphor for our bad self.

And for many more it is a reality found in their day to day affairs.

Most of us attempt to maintain our mental health but find hell on earth when we lapse as a consequence.

This is why it is important to make ‘the good life’ a priority and to befriend our hellish aspect of ourselves.

There is an abundance of creativity we use to create hell on earth and we can use this creativity to find peace and the ‘good life’.

The challenge is to embrace our Jungian shadow and make him our best friend.




Engineering Madness

Are the seven deadly sins just a bunch of extreme mistakes? 

Could these 7 big mistakes be a bunch of smaller mistakes?

Where is control or self-control lurking during all this mistake making?

The idea that we create our own madness is no more real than the need to shame or blame people for being sick or ill.

Dante and Aristotle were experts on the topic.

Compassion and kindness are necessary when coping with mistakes.  And it is irrespective of the outcome.

In society today some forms of madness lead to crimes against humanity.

The lesser form of these crimes are considered self-harm.

It is necessary to find compromising ways to deal with bad behaviours or crime.

For the most part the ethics are clear:  do no harm.

It is better to condemn a criminal to prison or some form of confinement for their own safety and people in society.

In the future, we will find better ways to treat people and do less harm.

Today it is up to us as individuals to learn to treat ourselves and each other in less harmful ways.

I believe the ‘good life’ is a good choice regardless of the outcome. 

An alternative to sin or mistake.