Is Consciousness Real? – Scientific American Blog Network

Is Consciousness Real? – Scientific American Blog Network
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To seek is void of understanding,

To deny consciousness is conspiracy,

To pride oneself is fancy,

To absolve all mistakes is a mistake,

The truth is a reflection of reality,

Like an idea, thought, belief, it mimics being,

Deep within existence lays the connection to the display of reality,

A kind of superconsciousness behind the facade,

A miracle to the person whose dreamscapes reflect a connection beyond space and time…


A real first contact with the meaning and purpose behind what we call me and you.

Or, a more real thing than me and you or anything in this known universe.

A long view or deep understanding of what it means to be conscious.

A small awareness of what is behind you and me or all we see, know or understand about the present life we live.

Simply, it is what being alive is all about.

So, many find a part of our consciousness and struggle to accept it.

So, actually being conscious is much easier when everyone is willing and able to contact or make a practice out of conscious contact in day to day living as a form of good habit in anyone’s life.

Some recommend making consciousness training a full time job, a religion or spiritual practice.

Personally, consciousness will serve us when we are willing to be available to let consciousness be our leader in our lives.

Please support the effort.

Going For Flow

Happiness is flow.

The outcome is produced through hard work at whatever comes naturally to you.

Your decision is key.

Fortunately, humanity is hard wired to become recipient, participant and generator.

When it happens we spend our resources and feel grateful that we have attained some self-mastery over our inner experience.

Go for flow, your life depends upon it.

Thank you Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi