steam of consciousness (wondering about consciousness)

a psychological definition is about a person’s thoughts, perceived in a continuous flow. William James introduced the idea in his Principles of Psychology (1890).

For example, the hard question of consciousness is being tackled by Donald Hoffman.

But consciousness is not just the imagination running like a river.

Or the surreal images of art like melting clocks by Salvador Dali.

There is the philosophy of a matrix like reality, something beyond time and space (not the twilight zone!), and quite literally the ghost in the machine (not a spirit!)

To use the language of science is not enough to procure proof.

Words are not enough, either is language.

Yes, philosophy will help science, but is not science.

Perhaps, imagination will light the way.

The Invention Of Mind Mapping

The imagination is a place like no other.

To AWAKEN yours, you need the tool of a MASTER!!!!!!!!

MIND MAP MASTERY:  Complete Guide to Learning and Using the Most Powerful Thinking Tool in the Universe” By TONY BUZAN


This tree has branches and can be used as a form to copy and use as a structure for your map.


On each Branch a key word or phrase is used to describe what you are learning and want to think about.


The human brain has a function called “thinking” which can be mirrored in a technique of learning called MIND MAPPINGSee the source image.

photo of head bust print artwork

The mind needs colour and images to keep it interested in the thinking you are trying to emulate.

By studying the techniques and ideas in Tony’s book, you can learn to use a tool that will open your mind and awaken you to learning and imagination you may not realize is part of your working brain.

Everyone needs to read Tony’s book to become more familiar with ‘HOW TO USE THE HUMAN MIND’.

We Took It All For Granted… (imagine what it would be like, if you received this letter)

Whoever is reading this means that life as we know it is all over.

We annihilated the cities, and most of the people due to an all out nuclear war.

It doesn’t matter who started it or who caused it, but you can bet, we all had a hand in it.

If that means that thousands or even hundreds of people are viable to repopulate and start again, it now all falls to you.

Please, think long and hard as to why you like myself had a hand in the loss of life as we know it.

Try, not to blame others or to shirk the responsibility we need to rebuild and find a better trajectory than before.

Also, try not to feel guilty, who knows this may not have been the first time or the last time.

All you can do, is try again, and hopefully learn from our mistake.

Good luck, and God bless.

Childlike Poise

Adult, legs partly on the wall and furniture, head and neck stretching for the floor, the eyes see and the imagination is feeding…

A planet where everything and everyone is suspended a few feet off the ground.

Do you enjoy floating?

Adult in same position but lights are out at midnight 😃

The world is covered in water and there is a space between where one world floats 20 feet above  the water and all is either on the water or under it.  The only way between the world is by going through a chamber or cave on the ocean bottom .