Isolation Epidemic

Who wants to collaborate in order to live a longer, healthier life?

The health authority believes we are all slowly dying from a lonely life.

Everyone is so plugged into isolation by driving, working online, using devices like cell phones, tablets, other DVD and cd like devices, the computer is isolating us from each other.

Have you ever noticed the increasing lack of contact when walking through the city streets.

There is a lack of planning for social events with neighbors with in so called community.

People are stopping from touching and feeling each other.

The hug and the kiss are being used less often and with fewer and fewer people.

Don't go touchy-feely on me!

People need to reconnect.

People need to share devices, spaces, watch each other's kids.

A good place to start is at home with a better form of community living.

How do you want to live?

Who do you want to connect with in our dying way?

People die, cities are becoming isolation hubs.

This epidemic is a 'writing on the wall' moment.

We need to reconnect and learn how to live in each other's lives again.

So, unplug from your devices more often, join in on community more often, be in a coop, eat together, play together, learn together.

We need to become better neighbor and friends and co-workers.

We need to reverse the isolation trend.

Anonymity (and good)

You may never see me, but I am present for you.

You may not sense me as a threat and therefore ignore me.  But I shall be ready to help.

You could be emotionally spent.  But I will give you patience and understanding.

You have good and bad behaviour.  But I will be with you when things are good, bad, and ugly.

You may never know my name.

You may never pay me back.

[Teacher and Student], Build Your Brain

In this dialogue, neuroplasticity and behavior is discussed with those learning to live and love.  They explore the responsibility we have to receive fruitful outcomes or growing problems.

Teacher:  There is no good behavior there is only behavior. 

Student:  What does that mean.

T:  Everything you learn, good or bad will change your brain.  The best habits for you may not work on your friend.  The best habits for you today, may not work for you tomorrow.

S:  Does that mean that I may be a good learner today and a bad one tomorrow?

T:  Essentially, yes.  If you do harm, like consume drugs every day.  You may create a bad habit.  If you do good, like learn your work.  You may create a good habit.

S:  Will meditation and exercise and healthy eating and good routine help my overall ability to have better results.

T:  Yes.  And so will a supportive community and connections with people in your life.

S:  Is not this a recipe for Success and failure?

T:  In a way,  we still need to study and learn what is best for ourselves on the day to day basis.  There is no magic about it.  You still need to do the work.

The Writer’s Way

Here is a top ten, daily schedule for most writers.

1. Write, write and write some more !  But the practice is not the goal.  Learning to find better ways to write is!
2. Reading is a kind of research for an expert or novice.  We learn how to be better at something by finding good product.  Find your love or idols and copy from them.  Steal the stuff from many rather than one.  Like it is said in the Artist’s Way, stealing from one is plagerism, but from many is more original.  We copy and build on what we like.  We actually use it in different ways. This list is similar to many but it focuses in on what I am or love.

3.  Journal:  there are many things that catch the eye, or somethings just come and this is good to discuss with others.  But the journal is like all of this plus a record and a piece of the writer’s routine.

4. Set up an environment:  writing times everyday like 6-7 every morning and 6-7 every night.  Keep a home office, use devices like an eReader, writers mobile table for hand writing anywhere, books and bookshelves and everything else.

5. Meditate. 30 minutes first thing in the morning and last thing a night.

6.  Rest, schedule coffee breaks and just goof off from time to time…

7.  Sleep a good 7 hours each night and set up a routine or ritual to encourage a healthy practice.

8:  Exercise:  have a good workout routine to aspire to and practice a good walk and keep mobile and active.

9.  Practice good habits to replace the bad with the end in mind:  eliminate the bad ones.  Don’t be a saint but learn to become healthier each day.

10. Be ambitious and keep your day job until you can afford to be a writer. Find ways to be the student and teacher and write each day.

Why Poets Feel Intensely Alive 

I am alone.

I need solitude: to feel, to think, to be me.

I am seriously intense and potent.

It is all part of it.

Today is the first day before tomorrow,

And the last day before the past.

There is bliss, I have felt it.

There is also pain (who hasn’t felt that)

To be whole and alive I need to read and write.

It beats the hell out of sleeping (I need that too.)

I can love or feel it for longer than most people do it.

I feel too much.  I think too much.  I need to be alone too much for your average care bear.





Using Our Practical Wisdom

Using love and care in our work and relationships are the love of knowledge or the use of information or the value of experience.

We can not substitute living with money and opportunity.

Living requires a love for work and relationships and we don’t need to harm ourselves or others to do it.

We need to be professional about living a practical life.  That doesn’t mean we have to stop putting love in our lives.  It doesn’t mean we have to stop receiving love in our lives.

But we need to be smart about loving knowledge and applying it in our everyday living.  We need to nurture our loving nature and mentor it in ourselves and others.

Philosophy is the love of knowledge and when applied to our lives with practical experience we grow a wise family and community, we grow wise companies and institutions.

We need to transform ourselves and others to build a better world.

Do it with love, knowledge, philosophy and practical experience.

The Write Stuff

The core memory or experience is a blank page.

Connecting with people and places is a good thing to do.

A collection of 13 dictionaries, an obsession with books and all the other wonderful tools of a reader and writer.

Having a tactile experience with book, pen and paper (or go digital).

Many years doing all the above.

Doing it for yourself.

Loving the written word.

Love to tell stories and listen to them.

Love to write them and read them.

Love to research.

Blathering Peace

You need to know when it is right to fight for peace, to be a peace keeper.

You can’t be at odds with the world over a peaceful resolution to your problem.

You make it sound like you’re right and everyone is being violent and non-peaceful.

You can’t stand the peace and quiet.

You are always at me to find a peaceful solution.

You say that peace is a luxury.

You are a warrior clamoring after peace.

Calm, still, silent: you rest in peace.

Quiet time is important:  inner peace.

Can we control ourselves and make ourselves peaceful?

Is there any real peace in me?

My peace is a life time effort.

The Library

Have you ever been to a casino when it first open’s in the morning?  There is usually a bundle of people who wish to anxiously use the facility.  In the same manner, the GVPL is the same.  Most of us are ardent library fans.  Some of us are addicted to internet use.  And many of us, enjoy reading, writing, and community.

I’d like to share my personal experience with being a library fan.  First, let me say, that I am a proud library goer.  I enjoy a full range of services.  And I see first hand the values of our community being put to use.  I am not current with the usage of material for people who may experience some form of physical challenge.  Yet, I notice all the multimedia and computer devices for those people with a need to use them.

Second, I am a long time member, and I visit libraries in other communities and appreciate the universal principles put to use.  I lived in Edmonton for 25 years, I went to the library at least once a week.  And I miss living in the the big city.  Mostly, I miss the huge public library and University Library.  But I have been back a few times to visit in the last ten years.  Each time I went, I was sure to visit the public library.

Besides individuals, groups use the library, I belong to a select group, because I am single.  I tend to notice people who are single like I notice people with red hair and left handedness.  I am all three.  It is a boon to be able to visit a safe place when I am alone.  I don’t chat people up in the library.  But a quiet conversation has occurred from time to time.

There are many technical aspects to the library, but the number one change has been due to computers.  It is the iconic face of the library.  The librarian is still gainfully employed, but the computer has become ‘the tool’ for every user in the system.  I have been fortunate to use my laptop and “successfully logged in to ‘a hotspot’ for internet use.”  I am glad to report that my blog is being written on this system.

Lastly, let me thank the taxpayer and people who donated to the library.  We have the best in the west.  And I believe our country loves to support the educational aspects of the public library.

So, another day, I am happy to spend my usual few hours in this place I love to visit, I tend to come on Monday’s and Thursday’s.  I look forward to meeting others who do the same.