Anonymity (and good)

You may never see me, but I am present for you.

You may not sense me as a threat and therefore ignore me.  But I shall be ready to help.

You could be emotionally spent.  But I will give you patience and understanding.

You have good and bad behaviour.  But I will be with you when things are good, bad, and ugly.

You may never know my name.

You may never pay me back.

Being Alive

All feelings are good.

All races are good.

We thrive on cooperation and collaboration.

We earn every ounce of freedom and prosperity.

We need a single focus.

We need to slow down.

We need to meditate.

We need to help others.

We need society.

We need meaning.

We use our knowledge and power to live well.

We love one another like we love ourselves.

Lip service will only bring triumph and disaster.

Belief in these principles require on going practice and maintenance to enjoy the benifits of being alive.

Citizens of the world create a better life to live.

They deserve the love and respect they have for themselves and each other.

We all try to be said citizen.

We all try to appreciate being alive.