Life Isn’t Too Complicated, I Am

The pain of my life is hard to define.

One day it is a combination of new ideas, old information and people.

The next it is my take on working out my problems with people places and things.

In today’s fast paced environment, I am loosing my ability to change and adapt.

I’ve listened to the minimalist, the spiritual guru and the rest.

I am doing good with my factors: aging, disease and overall health.

I am working on work, exercise and good orderly direction.

I am still trying to accept whomever or whatever.

I can’t always be on top of it all.

There will always be some ups and downs.

Woman Bun or Man Bun?

“Rocking it, girl thing, hottest thing in fashion “, say women fashion writer’s.

There are women who flirt with fashion but are playing an equality card in their arena of image and publicity.

Are men doing the same thing?

What is the proper use of impressions when it delves into equality?

Can equal footing show more humanity or better ways to ‘be public’.

Humorous ways to display humanity are like comedic plays about being similarly disavowed or let go, a less serious approach to social change.

There are new ways to show yourself in society.

The Library

Have you ever been to a casino when it first open’s in the morning?  There is usually a bundle of people who wish to anxiously use the facility.  In the same manner, the GVPL is the same.  Most of us are ardent library fans.  Some of us are addicted to internet use.  And many of us, enjoy reading, writing, and community.

I’d like to share my personal experience with being a library fan.  First, let me say, that I am a proud library goer.  I enjoy a full range of services.  And I see first hand the values of our community being put to use.  I am not current with the usage of material for people who may experience some form of physical challenge.  Yet, I notice all the multimedia and computer devices for those people with a need to use them.

Second, I am a long time member, and I visit libraries in other communities and appreciate the universal principles put to use.  I lived in Edmonton for 25 years, I went to the library at least once a week.  And I miss living in the the big city.  Mostly, I miss the huge public library and University Library.  But I have been back a few times to visit in the last ten years.  Each time I went, I was sure to visit the public library.

Besides individuals, groups use the library, I belong to a select group, because I am single.  I tend to notice people who are single like I notice people with red hair and left handedness.  I am all three.  It is a boon to be able to visit a safe place when I am alone.  I don’t chat people up in the library.  But a quiet conversation has occurred from time to time.

There are many technical aspects to the library, but the number one change has been due to computers.  It is the iconic face of the library.  The librarian is still gainfully employed, but the computer has become ‘the tool’ for every user in the system.  I have been fortunate to use my laptop and “successfully logged in to ‘a hotspot’ for internet use.”  I am glad to report that my blog is being written on this system.

Lastly, let me thank the taxpayer and people who donated to the library.  We have the best in the west.  And I believe our country loves to support the educational aspects of the public library.

So, another day, I am happy to spend my usual few hours in this place I love to visit, I tend to come on Monday’s and Thursday’s.  I look forward to meeting others who do the same.