Hearsay, Public Opinion And Speculation

Using philosophy to solve a problem is something people may like to use in these uncertain times.

The Hellenistic Age is chalked full of wisdom from Socrates, Plato and the Stoic Seneca.  Logic was overthrown then by a form of Hedonism, with variations on the theme, ‘eat, drink and be merry’!

It seems history is going to repeat itself during the Covid-19 Age.

Yet, there are other ways to work out problems.

Science is wildly popular today with the use of predictive science methods that basically gets results that work.

We have had more success with science in the last 200 years than by using any other method.

And, here in B.C., we are having some measure of success with Dr. Bonnie Henry’s methods.  She even goes beyond science at times with catch phrases that amount to ‘do no harm’.

Stay safe and practice social distancing!

Too Many Bumps Or Mood Swings

I’d call any kind of emotional outburst (negative emotions) a mood swing or a bump.

With Corona, I generally get more bumps than usual.

I have made it a practice to take a mood swing or pump moment to calm down and take stalk of my state of mind.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Having faith in myself and others is part of my day to day well being.

When I take responsibility for an emotional or mental health problem, I am taking care of myself to do no harm.

I call it buckling in to corona. And I need help and give help to my friends, family and co-workers.

See you in the new normal!

Coronavirus guide: The latest news on COVID-19 and the toll it’s taking around the world – The Globe and Mail

The coronavirus outbreak has already killed more people than SARS in 2003, and with quarantines, travel restrictions and other measures, governments around the world are mobilizing to save as many lives as possible. Here’s what you need to know
— Read on www.theglobeandmail.com/appview/world/article-coronavirus-covid19-latest-news-canada-explainer/

Is a compassionate approach to all this news on coronavirus a good thing?

Compassion is a good thing, coronavirus is here beyond doubt.

The news seems to be repeating itself.

When we have heard enough we will turn it off.

Keeping our spirits up while economic trouble and the virus takes centre stage is difficult.

Please support the effort, and we can keep better spirits together than any other way.

NMN And Resveratrol

Make sure it is kept in the fridge and the supplier does the same.

The existing study suggest it is safer to wait for further study than to be sorry.


Please stay informed and watch the vid bellow before deciding to use as supplements.

But if your doctor believes it is safe for you to do so, fasting and intermitted fasting also show similar results for health and longevity.

Ottawa to ban e-cigarette ads in bid to curb youth vaping use – The Globe and Mail

Proposed rules would forbid promotion of vaping products in social media and other spaces where young people could see them
— Read on www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-vaping-teens-regulations-e-cigarettes-nicotine-vaping-ban/

A serious problem regarding teen health in Canada.

A new way for teens to fall victim to current vaping products in Canada.

Education is key.

Nicotine can become addicting after 48 hours, do you want to become sick?

Learn all about vaping and stop before you start a bad habit.

Please, support the effort.


Living The Good Life

I reflect upon good and bad and properly use these impressions,

Command my will,

Some say, I have consciousness.

Understand and know, I am conscious.

Shame not consciousness or do it harm,

Here is my strength: I can get what I want and avoid what I don’t want, use the proper impulse, a careful purpose, use a studied assent.

This is my job: to practice living ‘the good life’.

#1 Stress Release For Canadian Thanksgiving 2019

A linguist friend of mine made me a tape back in the nineties to help me cope with stress.

To be honest, this tape is better, I highly recommend taking some part of 3 hours and discover it for yourself.

I love classical music, and all though this is one of the most popular pieces of all time, it is personal, today many will recognize it as a wedding music piece.

Please look after yourself, try the link below for a beautiful rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major


Revolution – Wikipedia

Revolution – Wikipedia
— Read on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolution

Who on this planet is up for change and will risk their life for it?

Will it be an internal or external event?

Most likely a little of both.

What will you do to revolutionize yourself and the planet?