There is a great old forest on fire.

Crowning in the trees, the destruction is swift.

Animals racing to safety, some burning in the wake of the fire.

The crew works hard to put the thing out.

The straw boss directs the water bombers with his handset.

He makes sure the crew is out of harms way.

12 hour days, three square meals, 8 hours sleep, very little down time.

Choppers flying them from ‘a to b’.

Making sure the camp is okay.

Camp cook and bottle washer does her daily chores and watches camp while the firefighters dance.

Protecting the forest products and every thing that lives there by extension.

3 weeks in, one week out, rest time for the crew.

If people only new.

The Devil Made Me Do It

Bad feeling, the end is here…

Everything is automatic.

The height, walking without a safety line on the top of the world.

Negotiations are a must, criminals need to be set free.

Can you focus under pressure?

The best of everything, all the money you ever will want.

Every time you find an answer there is another question.

Get in line, the trouble is mounting,

Get some help before it is too late.

Do you have an investment in blood?

Voodoo, religion, and predestination…

Spirituality or other belief systems put limits on how to believe.

What is right?

Question everything.

Stay in the trenches.

Everybody loves you.

Don’t let evil carry you away!

Ebola Situation Report For Democratic Republic Of Congo

This is the 15 report that involves the most current situation of the Ebola disease in this region.

It is considered to be nearly over after 2 incubation periods of the virus which is 42 days.

Yet it must be said, there needs to be global cooperation to maintain support for health and welfare in any crisis.

The psychology effects alone warrants consideration for ongoing financial support.

The potential for future outbreaks must be entertained to cover further possible instances.

With all the work and study, help and support, this situation report is good news.

WHO and the UN are sustaining the good work necessary to maintain global cooperation and collaboration against any current or future Ebola situation in DRC or elsewhere.

Our hearts go out to all those who were effected by this deadly disease and we offer our condolences to the families and friends of the deaths related in this situation report.

Sinful Confessions

I love gadgets.

I have always wanted an Apple Watch ( and recently a Ticwatch E).

Me, me, me, I, I,I,want, want, want,

I’ve watched so many YouTube vids, and ads from Apple and Google, but I am saying no.

My life is staying lean.

I flee the consumer scene.

My writing is first and foremost in my mind.

My health is still running a good maintenance program.

I work hard everyday.

I have a need for speed.

Still struggling with desire.


To create and innovate is process of thinking and producing a product in a competitive market.

To escape this death by a thousand cuts you must deliver it all in a new way.

You need to be the first and therefore the best.

As a reward you win the ‘game’ and get to escape the competition to become a monopoly.

Going viral is growing vertical not being a copy cat or competitive.

To use flow as a metaphor might be useful.

All your values or fruit of your innovative and creative endeavours bind together to make you the strongest and smartest competitor with the best innovative and creative product.

Your ‘starting up’ allows you to cooperate and collaborate and think to create and innovate.

Be a lean work of art and go viral!

The Well Mannered Man (Or Woman Or LGBT2)

He watched people behave.

He listens to people behave.

He responds to their ways in a neighbourly way.

He manages his life: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually.

He is morally equivalent to a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or whatever… secularly morally responsible.

If he is Canadian or any other nationality, he is a nice guy.

World War Vs The War Within: Struggle

Torn from sanity to bathe in revenge or hatred,

Self loathing, sickness in the mind, society with riot against another society,

Broken peace, within/without,

Tragedy and violence that breaks things apart, this is War.

A nervous breakdown, this is the war within.

All this exists or not.

Do you stand with convention?