Inner Peace: Quiet time is important

To think about love is wisdom.

Some say, do no harm, do good, be kind, be safe…

It is all about the practice of virtue.

Not so much the types of virtue or how much, but to try to be good.

As a student, I listen to my teacher(s), a lot.

And they tell me to listen and practice and to learn.

As a teacher, I try to be aware and I love show and tell, but more often it is an adult version: pain management (anger, and other types of emotional management). These kinds of feelings can be more, states of mind…

So, here to ‘the good life’, the proper use of impressions and the virtue that I try to covet.

There is sometimes pain that gets in the way of the present situation.

These kinds of changes require us to interrupt our lifestyle to permanent changes that require time to accept in our new life.

This is where some silence is a good way to adapt to change.