Autumn 2019

The end of a month is coming near,

The day is clear and air is crisp,

The changes are all in Colour and are littered among dead leaves,

The mornings and evenings are fighting with winter,

Animals are still fighting with food for hibernation.

Another passing season readable within all the fine print.

Happy Halloween!

The Good Life

A teacher and student may master knowledge, but life is a different matter.

Some teachers learn to be good under extreme circumstances and pass on excellent habits to their students.

A Concern As A Global Citizen…

7.7 billion people breath each day.

They need food, shelter and a good community.

I am attracted to others by their warm heartedness.

As I am sure, they are attracted to me.

To be honest, I am usually only concerned about a small fraction of the world population.

As a Canadian, I would say about 33 million people or about .5%.

As a single person…

I have friends and relatives, co-workers and neighbors.

I feel that no one needs to be harmed by anyone else.

My main concern is about our ability to show concern for each other and ourselves.

It is a small world, we all try to ‘get along’ but skirmishes are breaking out throughout the world.

I’d like to see a little more cooperation, collaboration and concern for my fellow human beings.

I am a global citizen and all that entails:  live the good life, be compassionate and do no harm.


Living The Good Life

I reflect upon good and bad and properly use these impressions,

Command my will,

Some say, I have consciousness.

Understand and know, I am conscious.

Shame not consciousness or do it harm,

Here is my strength: I can get what I want and avoid what I don’t want, use the proper impulse, a careful purpose, use a studied assent.

This is my job: to practice living ‘the good life’.

Do No Harm

You can read and put it into practice and journal about it.

You can talk to others about it.

But we really need to learn how to live.

To live is to learn, love, laugh and begin to build a life and a legacy.

With each life built this way, others need not reinvent the way.

But life has up and down and most of us get broken and need time to mend.

It is a challenge to live and do no harm.

We cause much damage to ourselves and others.

When we loose sight of our harm, we do more harm.

It is a big concern for all who strive to live a good life.

International Day of Peace

The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21 each year to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. The International Day of Peace is also a day of ceasefire – personal or political.
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The more important question is about day two.

There is a need for continuing the work to a final conclusion:365 a year.

With this actuality, progress can continue to be strived for with concrete outcomes and a direction to improve on the day to day peace, ad infinitum…

Individuals need to be engaged, repeatedly to attempt a dialogue and affirmative action for ongoing continual peace.

John Lennon said it best, “Give peace a chance.”

Day by day, an actual scale to approach for everyone, in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation.


This history spoke of a king, a leper, who won a great honour when he was young, but he suffered greatly by those who did not seek to live with people.

We need a philosopher king, one like the leper whose striving led to rule and order and the well being of people.

We need good people who live to lead good people in good ways.

We need good people to lead and follow.

And yet, we still have hope, we have many people, who will lead and follow?

Like Jerusalem of old, we seek good people to help live with good people.

We good people will live with people!

One Life

To make everything, everyone and everyplace…

To see everything, everyone, everyplace…

To understand everything, everyone, everyplace…

To live, learn and laugh…

This is but one life.

Imagine us all acting like this one.

Calm, still, silent (a philosopher’s stone)


Is there a form for peace?

A practice then, like a meditation.

The mantrum may bring the will into alignment with a good habit.

Not self-control, but self-awareness, and perhaps the courage to be.

Will this lead to self-control?

Do no harm and learn the proper use of impression:  self-improvement, compassion, simplicity, and patience.

Connect with others for the purpose of doing no harm.

And be willing to experience strength and hope.

Savor the life given and give to life all the good life worth living.

A tender ego, striving to live in the present with kindness and compassion for oneself and others.

Many different people to relate and to turn to when finding another who is kind and compassionate to oneself and others.

Seek to understand people who pursue this character in their lives.

Don’t seek others to understand you.

Be willing to maintain your own health and well being in the face of adversity and mistakes.

Be true to these ways and you will always be content.

Be this way and progress to living a good life.

Perception Vs Reality: Epictetus

In this dialogue, Epictetus is talking to his shadow about life when he realizes it does not matter if he is free from chains that have rusted through or lives in another reality where he is afraid. His job is to live the good life, whether or not he perceives the fear, his own reaction or response or any other behaviour that keeps him from living his own truth.

Epictetus: hear me friends, these rusty old shackles won’t hold you here against your will.

Shadow: You can’t see the truth in this dark cave, the dust on your chain is from being unclean. Why do you deserve freedom?

E: I never lived my truth by telling others how or why they need to do the same. For all I know, we are all supermen and can pull apart these chains as easy as pulling out some tall grass.

S: Ah, you believe in yourself, you believe in being proper and doing the right thing.

E: my truth, may not be ‘the proper use of impressions ‘, like many in the dark cave, I have had no light to distinguish between dust and rust.

S: But you claim to know yourself and stumbled upon the truth of this dark cave. You know what is perceived in the dark and claim anyone can find the way out into the real world and be free. But there are no real truths, they are simple perception based on aspects of reality.

E: The proper use of impressions gives us a practice to live the good life and progress from a seedling to a strong tree, if the health of the seedling does not fail through malnutrition or some other accident of nature, he will grow. I have grown and now walk away from this rusted chain as can all of you. It will be my lot to discover my next rusted chain in my sunlight outside this cave.

S: You are sick Epictetus. There will always be a chain on your mind.

E: Yes shadow, it is true, I am talking to myself in this dialogue about my many fears. Don’t act on desire, start with aversion and do no harm. This is my only advice to myself. And I give it freely and only hope you will accept and use it freely. Be my friend, because outside you will still be with me in whatever shape my mind perceives you. I must live the good life to progress with such grave doubt at the seat of my consciousness. Come with me.

As Epictetus walks away thinking about his many fears and poor actions, he begins a new relationship with himself or that part he calls his shadow. Yes, it is true we all see our shadow in the sunlight. Some see the shadow in our psyche and some let the good grow by learning from their mistakes and using their own truth, the truth to guide them to better ways through working the principles of the proper use of impressions.