My Own Philosophy

It all started with me when I was just a little rug rat.

I am very curious by nature and I guess I like reading, writing and research in a creative way.

I like talking about philosophy and applying it to my life.

I like to find what works in my life, not because I am selfish, but because I am a normal human being.

I admit to faults and virtues, but my life works in a much more basic manner.

I believe it is best to dispense with all ways of being except for the parts that work the best:  feeling, thinking, behaving, believing and trying to do no harm in the process.

And for me, process is just a simple work in progress called my life.

Like most, I just want to find a balance with work, friends and family and my own pursuits.

Okay, Let’s See If I Can Write, ‘the meaning of life.’

To understand the power of the ring is very important.

The core belief is symbolic of my true self.

I wear the ring like a vow, the most important value.

Everything about the ring is important:  it is silver and gold, a precious gift, and I wear it respectively each and everyday.

It represents everything I hold dear:  responsibility to be the student and teacher of living a purposeful and meaningful life.

I sincerely believe it is best to value feeling and thinking, believing and behaviour in the ‘proper use of impressions’ with the caveat of ‘doing no harm.’

It is a gentle reminder that life is precious and to do it the best I can, in a way that is purposeful and meaningful.

The way is like a personal religion or at least a philosophy that understands and respects other ways of being.

Doesn’t everyone like a ‘good story’?


Moral Crosswords

What is the proper use of impressions?

Take any feeling and assess its value.

For example, I feel good about writing this poem.

Will it do me or others harm?

Not yet, at least I am unaware.

Am I doing it out of a craving or unnecessary want?

No, I need the practice, for myself and others.

Am I aware of any other necessary action?

I need to edit it.

Am I aware of any other reasons or beliefs?

Not at present, but there are plenty from my past.

Are there any other changes?

I just need to publish.

This kind of moral inventory is what is meant by learning to use the ‘proper use of impressions .’