Vascular Aging: fill your boots!

Okay, boring stuff, but we need to be aware of our health.

I am tracking mine. It had improved from 10 years beyond my actual age to more my biological age.

In my case it has improved as my lifestyle has improved from 20 years old to 60 years old. I have been slowly improving my health span over 40 years. But it always helps to improve your health.

So, don’t ignore your vascular health. Scary, yes, but live and learn!

Disease is the symptom, healthspan is the cure….

Types of brain disease

The human body regulates itself to optimize under whatever conditions we experience.

We can alter our conditions through treatment like therapies.

The goal is to heal yourself through changes in lifestyle to overcome many bad habits.

Check out the vid to make some sense out of all the above.

Information Theory Can Be Proven Through Science

Some people may be more interested in the facts.

Difference Between Information and Knowledge (with Comparison Chart) – Key Differences

But most of us have a hard time considering how information can be practical for our own circumstances let alone for society as a whole.

The idea is to come up with an idea or theory and put it to the test by building an experiment to prove it is so.

There are so many obstacles to refining ideas let alone information.

In math there is a basic concept about finding the lowest common denominator, the idea is to take a fraction or some problem in math and reduce it to its simplest form. An example is 2/4=1/2.

In real life, I may need to get to an appointment at 2 PM. It is now 1. I have one hour to get to the appointment. Again, to make any generalization can be incomplete and result in a bad understanding of the meaning and use of the idea.

Mostly, our default is to make up a story to help us understand or communicate an idea.

Most of us believe the story, even if it is untrue or some equivalent.

But stories make us feel good. And they are convincing, and entertaining to be sure.

So, this story is about Health span.

If I told you there is a bucket list, you just have to see, you would want to know, right?

Personal medicine may be something the future will produce, but you need information about your health span now.

The idea is to build the best habits you can to live a healthy span.

Personally, I have focused on living with no sugar, no alcohol, lots of sleep, managing myself in healthy habits. But I am only human and living is a messy business. I am not looking for perfection, I am practicing restraint.

Define a healthy lifespan and just do it.

I personally like to keep calm and write, read, research and study.

I think this is a good topic for me.