The Evolution Of Death

To dance at the precipice will led you to the great fall.

The age of the individual is respected in the best way possible.

Yet, we blame the old, infirm, and the disability.

How can we create life from ashes?

It is true that we blame death itself, the old scoundrel.

We are being forced to be more responsible to outlive the very things that disrupt and shorten our lives.

Now we see death as a motivator.

Perhaps, the wait and see attitude towards that aneurism of life will make me see my provocateurs.

Does not death have a partner whom we call life?

Becoming to terms with death, may sound confusing to the uninitiated, but to face a fear like this one only evokes sorrows.

First we have denial, anger, blame…

Is that it, the eventual acceptance or the usual kicking and screaming that occurs at deaths door?

Set new limits, embrace the partners equally in their turn, express it all, grief, pain, anguish and much much more…


The Two Towers in heaven,

They will live no more,

A change has happened,

Let me tell your more,

There are those who claim to know,

The story of how they fell,

But who amongst you knew,

The wire walker’s tale,

In 74′, he walked to and fro,

And all the people, they did see,

His message was simple,

Respect:  the wire walker’s wire, the Two Towers, and New York,

Perhaps, as his girlfriend at the time announced,

“You have given the ‘two towers’ their soul.”

And it is with this sentiment that it is hard to acknowledge the tragedy of 9/11.

It’s true we will never forget all those whose lives were taken during that terrorist act.

And it is equally important to remember the act of freedom that proceeded it.

The wire walker entertained the world with a tale of freedom in New York on top of the Two Towers for his audience in New York.

To respect life and death requires balance, fortitude, and determinism.