The Western Myth

“Our task is to free ourselves from this prison by widening our Circle of Compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”-Albert Einstein

We need a way to believe.  Our culture has eroded to the point where it is almost broken.

The symptoms are of the digital age.  People are becoming consumed by consumerism.  Our churches struggle with issues like poverty, homelessness, crime and violence.

Yet, peace eludes us.

We seem to work on a tread mill.

We continue to explore and build better technology while alienating those who are different or unable to produce and consume in our culture.

More and more, people in our culture are becoming sick with these issues that churches and the medical system fail to help.

There is a growing divide between those that can live and those that only survive.

If we want to continue to grow and be fit and live a long and worthwhile life, we need to produce what our doctor’s of culture call good myth, a western myth.

I believe we have it or will adopt it in the near future.

I believe people are aware of it or will embrace it like our forbearers have predicted in the near past.

Truth and beauty shall show a way to express ourselves and protect the sanctity of life.

Every culture needs to thrive.  The human race needs to find a way to do it together.      

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