Give Peace A Chance

WWI began in August 1914, flames destroyed Liege, Belgium.

The war didn’t end till November 11, 1918.

Back in the burnt city, 250 dead, many beat up, town sacked, 1100 houses destroyed and their vast library destroyed.

Oppressive silence everywhere.

Church destroyed.

Much of the damage done by Germany.

Sympathy lost for Germany in America.

This place became a symbol of the Great War.

Most of Europe and many parts of the world joined in the fight.

In 1917, America joined and lost 114,000 soldiers and they resented it.

Peace came in 1918, in a way, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Ottoman Empire and much of the old world order was lost.

The influenza epidemic claimed 20 million people around the world.

There was much starvation.

Lots of political turmoil.

The 20’s and 30’s seemed to be like an intermission to the war.

Many unexploded shells needed to be dug up.

So many relatives fought in the war.

We remember because it is still such a mystery as to it’s real reason.

Was it an arms race, nationalism, fears, hope for change, honor, social Darwinism, individuals, or something else?

Our world is facing similar problems.

We need to think about how war happens and how to keep the peace.

Check out the book or CD called “The War That Ended Peace:  The Road To 1914 by Margaret Mac Millan.

Do you believe war and peace are worth investigation?

The Magic of Middle Earth

Can you follow the way when you are down and out?

Can you see yourself when the lights are out?

Can you be like nature and keep your faith?

A country with Hob-goblins and goblins, dwarfs and elves.

A place with Wizards, Hobbits and men.

A collection of big people and little people.

There are lots of adventures and mysteries.

A power that is very dark and very bad.

A power that is very light and very good.

A wonderful make-believe place that brings everyone together for a fight to decide whether good can triumph over evil.

The magic of this place points towards a reality that is hard to believe.

This reality can not be seen.

We live in this real world and no one believes.

That a myth is important, it helps us see the reality of a way that can not normally be seen.