The Good Life (Live, Love, Laugh and Contemplate)

First, I do not recommend my path to others.

Second, I have borrowed many ideas and thoughts from others who say the same thing in a more eloquent way.

Thirdly, the only true way is to do all this work for the sole purpose of becoming a good person.

I’ve planted this idea or seed.

And this germ of an idea is beginning to sprout.

Do no harm and the proper use of impressions.

To practice is simple but the mistakes along the way are the true lessons.

I use my diary, journal and blog to record my mistakes and find healthy solutions to practice.

I also play guitar, write and sing songs.

I write poetry and other forms of writing.

I use my creative abilities to learn how to do no harm and correct my mistakes.

I also use philosophy, photography and exercise and social activities with this soul purpose in mind.

The proper use of impressions is the second idea.

I try to set aside all desire and act on my aversions a little bit at a time.

I dislike organized religion, so I am breaking down this aversion to properly use the church to accept my aversion.

Through comparative religious study I went into philosophy and psychology to do the same thing.

Eventually, I settled for being a good person regardless of religion, philosophy, ideas or beliefs.

To me, humanity and embracing the self is the best way to live the good life.

This seed has blossomed into a tree of knowledge which I use to explore the proper use of impressions and do no harm.  I have collected many ideas from schools and people and self study to find the best way to be myself in a healthy way.

To sum it all up, I like to cryptically say ‘it is all part of it’.  I need to express and embrace my whole self (good, bad and ugly) to learn self-control and the other fruits of the spirit.  And through my adventures, I am learning to practice these two main ideas.

This is not a philosophy or a principle or idea.  It is a safe way to live, learn, laugh, and pray or contemplate to live my own life, cooperate and collaborate with others.

[Homer, Ulysses], Ithaca

In this dialogue, the author of the Odyssey has an imaginary talk with the story's main character Ulysses (the Latin name for Odysseus). He is also the author, ascribed by their Ancient Greeks, of the other epic poem called the Iliad. Ithaca is the real place the author ascribes the home or kingdom of the imaginary character Ulysses. Here in the west we still need ways to guide us through our own journey and many people find substance in these two epic poems.

Homer: Well, Odysseus, you are finally coming home from the Trojan War. What shall you do?

Ulysses: I wish you would use my Latin name. And not dwell on the past.

H: I am a poet. My job is to unify humanity.

U: Sure, anything you say, so now I have to go on an epic adventure!

H: Yes, rather than dwelling on the war and anger, I want you to bring us together by illustrating that life is a journey and that god intervenes along the way.

U: Yes, yes, but why does it have to be so long, can't you just let me go home and be done with it. For God's sake, it takes a good twenty years. And what's up with all the gods?

H: Odysseus, 20 years to represent the gods and a person's life is nothing. Humanity must understand that life is full of 'ups and downs' and that the gods or 'what we believe' is important in learning along the way.

U: Well, I'm okay about your message, but I prefer to be called Ulysses.

H: Very well, I wouldn't want to make you angry, again.

The Mushroom

Death of organic waste is their job.

The cap is what we see.

But the roots have an important relationship with almost all the plants.

Today, technology is allowing us to use them to create practical products over the next 100 years.

Even chemical pollution can be cleaned up.

We are learning to use mushrooms to correct our mistakes on the earth.

We can use mushrooms to clean up toxic waste.

Check out the documentary called “The Magic of Mushrooms” on YouTube.

Will mushrooms kill?

It depends who consumes them.

What kills a human may be completely eatable to a snail.

The world needs mushrooms and so do I.

New medical applications are finding cures for cancer.