Keep Calm and Be Kind

It is a lot easier to imagine positive feeling….

I imagine myself to be angry with myself and others.

But I imagine that I am happy, safe and loving or compassionate when I may feel angry with myself or others.

Being mindful of my state of mind is a practice of self-awareness.

I am literally trying to do no harm to myself or others.

Sometimes I find a smile working when I try to enhance my state of mind.

I try to do my best.

It helps me to think and practice a mindfulness exercise in being kind to myself.

This translates to doing my best and doing no harm to myself and others.

It is better than acting on some of my more negative states of mind.

Slowing Down Time

Silently repeat “calm, still, silent”.

Where ever, when ever possible say these three word over and over in all your affairs.

In time you will become mindful of being here.

In time, the hurry and worry will lessen and become more calm, still and silent.

If that is your intent, you will become less stressed and more able to deal with the ups and downs that life serves us all.

Sleep, exercise and eat…

Do these three things well.

Stop drinking coffee at noon.

Get to bed on time. That means sleeping at a set sleep time seven days a week.

Make the room dark.

Breath from your nose.

Mind follows body, to treat them both right, look after them both.

Do look after your state of mind, use mindful meditation on the regular basis, each day for the same time, seven days a week.

Move more, walk more, stand more, Keep moving to maintain a good energy level.

Eat well, lots of fiber, good microbes, do not smoke or drink, and keep recreational drugs out of the body. Stay off sugar, and alcohol and do not overuse anything.

It takes time to change, be determined to live a good life and do no harm.

“Monkey Mind”

Here is a great reference to start your search for a cure (lol).

10 Ways to Tame Your Monkey Mind and Stop Mental Chatter

The ‘hurry and worry’ we all feel can be quieted down a lot by spending some time in silence and being more 2) mindful and perhaps 3) meditating more each day.

  1. The first approach is to spend 10 minutes a day being silent.

To become aware is the goal in using any of the mental tools mentioned above.

At some point, the question will be, ‘am I aware of the mess my mind is from moment to moment?’ And, is there anyway to treat myself better?

It would be fair to say my mind is out of control when I ‘hurry and worry’ too much.

In western culture we have religion and mental attitudes that help us, “Keep calm and carry on.”

Consider starting with silence, becoming aware of your “monkey mind” and learning to do a combination of the three suggestions above.

The proper way to deal with harmful stress is to learn to be with yourself. The best way to do this is to become aware of the need for a little silence each day. This will lead to making a decision to stop doing harm to yourself and mind by practicing being more mindful and learning to meditate.

Good luck.

The Surrealistic Blues

First appearing and then disappearing, like the invisible man.

Dali’s clock bleeding ‘out of time’.

A merchant’s item worth nothing and then a dime,

All these ‘isms’:  materialism, sincere-ism, post-Marxism,

Extraordinary blending into ordinary,

Does now you see it, now you don’t, smack of smoke and mirrors?

What is the answer or the crime?

Let people make these tunes, sing their blues, loose some time, spend a dime.

Be mindful of visions, beginnings and endings, feeling, being mindful and mindfulness,

To be courageous and mindful will help change the outcome to a spectrum of experience,

To experience surrealistic blues and surrealistic joys, to become mindful of each moment, each breath, each experience, to live willingly and lovingly through the good-the bad-the ugly.

Let go of mind, let the mind be, be mindful…

With Love, Christmas: Quiet Time Is Important: Inner Peace

The more I am still the more I listen,

The quiet is a blessing like the important inner peace.

My intention is to be quiet and listen for inner peace.

It sounds like Christmas, the sight and smells,

They start with cinnamon scented candles.

I hear a meditation but see one too,

Along with tasting and feeling, all my senses are focused on a special time of year.

When I am silent, my awareness of Christmas is revealed to me.

The memories, the vision, the imagination, the recordings are all part of a ‘work in progress’!

But my outcomes are traits that leave me rested, awake, aware, focused, re-energized and ready to engage my life and all the wonder it will bring.

I am fitter to do less harm (to myself and others).

More prepared to do good for myself, family and friends, and people in the community.

My countdown to Christmas starts today and will be maintained throughout the holiday and the time allotted in my life.

I believe my mindful practice will help us all and improve the holiday season this year.  I hope you will engage and enjoy this season and much, much, more!