Stress is stressful

The vid is over an hour and that stresses me out.

I have been managing my stress and need a refresher.

Please watch the vid below to slow down and review your stress.

It is something you can do to improve your day to day.

Many of us forget to update this part of our lifestyle:prevention!

What Is the Purpose of Stress? – Pain Doctor

What Is the Purpose of Stress? – Pain Doctor
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An overview of stress is good to read from time to time.

If for no other purpose than awareness.

Education is key, through awareness, acceptance, action and working theory.

There is always room for another relaxing moment or a stimulating situation.

Especially, when in need of one or another.

If you are ready for one or the other, please read the article above.

“Monkey Mind”

Here is a great reference to start your search for a cure (lol).

10 Ways to Tame Your Monkey Mind and Stop Mental Chatter

The ‘hurry and worry’ we all feel can be quieted down a lot by spending some time in silence and being more 2) mindful and perhaps 3) meditating more each day.

  1. The first approach is to spend 10 minutes a day being silent.

To become aware is the goal in using any of the mental tools mentioned above.

At some point, the question will be, ‘am I aware of the mess my mind is from moment to moment?’ And, is there anyway to treat myself better?

It would be fair to say my mind is out of control when I ‘hurry and worry’ too much.

In western culture we have religion and mental attitudes that help us, “Keep calm and carry on.”

Consider starting with silence, becoming aware of your “monkey mind” and learning to do a combination of the three suggestions above.

The proper way to deal with harmful stress is to learn to be with yourself. The best way to do this is to become aware of the need for a little silence each day. This will lead to making a decision to stop doing harm to yourself and mind by practicing being more mindful and learning to meditate.

Good luck.

Stress the Enemy Of Nations and Individuality.

Everything is stressful! There is technology that changes our availability from the day to the second.

But the nation continues to suffer do to the greater dependency on the global economy.

As usual, dealing with stress is up to the individual and help and support from family and friends.

Perhaps our collective effort will help the country or even world economy.

So, stress is becoming our number one concern.

Perhaps we can find something to do about it.