The Surrealistic Blues

First appearing and then disappearing, like the invisible man.

Dali’s clock bleeding ‘out of time’.

A merchant’s item worth nothing and then a dime,

All these ‘isms’:  materialism, sincere-ism, post-Marxism,

Extraordinary blending into ordinary,

Does now you see it, now you don’t, smack of smoke and mirrors?

What is the answer or the crime?

Let people make these tunes, sing their blues, loose some time, spend a dime.

Be mindful of visions, beginnings and endings, feeling, being mindful and mindfulness,

To be courageous and mindful will help change the outcome to a spectrum of experience,

To experience surrealistic blues and surrealistic joys, to become mindful of each moment, each breath, each experience, to live willingly and lovingly through the good-the bad-the ugly.

Let go of mind, let the mind be, be mindful…

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