With Love, Christmas: Quiet Time Is Important: Inner Peace

The more I am still the more I listen,

The quiet is a blessing like the important inner peace.

My intention is to be quiet and listen for inner peace.

It sounds like Christmas, the sight and smells,

They start with cinnamon scented candles.

I hear a meditation but see one too,

Along with tasting and feeling, all my senses are focused on a special time of year.

When I am silent, my awareness of Christmas is revealed to me.

The memories, the vision, the imagination, the recordings are all part of a ‘work in progress’!

But my outcomes are traits that leave me rested, awake, aware, focused, re-energized and ready to engage my life and all the wonder it will bring.

I am fitter to do less harm (to myself and others).

More prepared to do good for myself, family and friends, and people in the community.

My countdown to Christmas starts today and will be maintained throughout the holiday and the time allotted in my life.

I believe my mindful practice will help us all and improve the holiday season this year.  I hope you will engage and enjoy this season and much, much, more!