A Description Called Consciousness

Scientists believe randomness appears to be a process.

Philosophy believes this process is connected between the mental and physical.

Basically, science appears magical when we have no way to explain the theory through evidence based experiments.

In this specific case, consciousness appear to be a random process that is occurring mentally and physically.

The metaphysical argument explains consciousness as a subset of process.

Freeman Dysen believes the future pole is a mental pole and the past pole is a physical pole.

As an observer we recognize or process both but can not demonstrate this finite process.

But as an object with consciousness we do not understand it.

Consciousness is like a magical trick, or illusion. There is a randomness, potential that occurs physically and mentally.

The hard problem is to scientifically prove how the process produces consciousness.

It requires much more study.

The confusion and division this topic may bring people is also subject to investigation.

Consciousness must be our oldest problem.

Science may eventually bring clarity and insight to the problem.

Please consider being somewhat skeptical and aware of claims about consciousness.

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