Or not, how often do you change the subject when you don’t feel like talking about something or doing something?

How often are you conscious of stopping yourself from doing something?

How well do you know yourself?

Consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg.

Most of the body runs unconscious or autopilot.

When is autopilot dangerous to use?

Being aware is not always possible.

To practice consciously making choices and decisions will improve the habit of making it a practice.

Think about consciousness and how you need to use yours in a healthy way.

What is your prime directive?

Are you aware of having one, and if so, is it worth having it?

A Good Heart

I don’t know what to think of my heart, but after ten years of living the good life, I am closer to perfecting it.

What is good-truth or knowledge?

Plato would tell you good is more beautiful than either of these.

Perhaps, good is to know justice and beauty.

The form good takes from its highest thought of a just thing or created object is of practical advantageous use.

Absolute good is good none the less. But to have a good appetite is not as good as a good heart and mind. And by this good, all is virtuous.

To understand good is not the same as learning to be good. An intellectual pursuit will only produce an intellectual end.

To define good from everything else, the real good. Will not lead one to being good. For it is through conscious agency that good evolves in humanity.

To make a good world, many good people must make it so.

If happiness is good, surely we must all pursue it. For if there is good, there must be evil or a bad way to live.

Lost In Space

There is something about science fiction and fantasy, they are magical in their attraction or emotional response.

To tell a tale or have words about it, may make it a little more attractive.

True, but what can make someone ‘aware’, who wants to stay asleep?

How can one grow up, if they shut out everything that can help them open to the changes they need to grow?

Obviously, the wrapper doesn’t make the candy any sweeter.

But let me tell you a story about this piece and you might want to bite.

Consciousness is beyond time and space, science has no working theory as to prove any part of it.

But one great scientist believes the story must be told to make it real.

I say, it starts with another tale or epic, found in “The Red Book:  Liber Novus” by C.G. Jung.

To me, “The Way To The Self” is only attainable through ‘the proper use of impressions’.

So, listen closely, and I will deliver an epic poem to incapsulate a tale that in time, I will write.  Hear me!

I  Inner Space

Michael’s Space is a reflection of my interior.

Anyone, who wants to find me, can read my blog:

But to understand the principles I follow, another epic needs to be read and practiced in all your affairs.

It is called “Epictetus:  Discourses and Selected Writings”, which is translated and edited with an introduction by Robert Dobbin.

To me, I am passionate about life and love philosophy, ‘I must die.  But must I die bawling?’

A brief but concise statement can be made about stoicism.

One can learn to practise ‘the proper use of impressions’.

And one can learn to ‘do no harm’.

These two principles need to be learnt, put into practise and made real through life experience in one’s life.

II  Consciousness

An agent(s) outside of present scientific knowledge connects us to each other.

If we are to evolve we must find a way to follow our agent(s) and become as one voice.

A  portal is available to each other, we can practise trusting each other, loving each other and finding a closeness to the portal that reflects the way to be closer to our self and each other.

III  Hard Science

Deep questions about science have discovered a theory to start the scientific journey to prove consciousness.

A specific method will be used to discover specific ways which outline how consciousness is a useful force in the universe.

In time, science will provide the answers to contact an agent(s) outside our known universe and perhaps create AI, even an agent(s) and much more…

This quantum leap in science will bring many new technologies which will appear magical and even crazy to ours’s in comparison.

IV  Moving Beyond Time And Space

A new story must be told about this place.

An epic tale that is magical, science fiction, and fantasy, all rolled up into an incredible journey.

To take this step, some soul must be willing to use confluence to interpret inner knowledge, with knowledge about time and space.

Then move beyond science to find deep questions and answers about what is next for humanity, this world and the universe.

Please, feel free, to know yourself, science and consciousness.

Then, start the ultimate journey, beyond our mortal existence and discover the truly unknown.

All you must do is be willing to become aware.

Think about the opportunity to become more and tell the story you were meant to tell.

You need to have a conscious awakening.


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