A Ghost Called Peace

Critical thinking entails much physic,much ethic, and much logic.

The death of war may bring peace, a form of peace at the very least. So,the lack of nuclear war is making the world go on a quest.

Philosophy begs us to love wisdom: do no harm and do our best. Is this another quest?

The impression that imprint upon our soul (mind) are not very different from the wars of old. We kill,slaughter, and wreck havoc, but survive to fight again.

Poverty is killing us all. Are we poor philosophers? Is peace dead to us?

I say no. I don’t want to fight, to debate. I stay away from bringing more violence to the problem.

I preach non-violence. I say there is a better way to live. Perhaps, a good life that presents the spirit of peace out in the light for all to see (If you want to walk around in the dark there is much more to see, but who in their right mind wants to go to war.).

Logic states that peace will nurture anyone willing to work for her. She is kind, calm, and silent. Do you wish for her or does she live in your mind: kind, calm, and silent?

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