Does vitamin d help prevent getting sick with the coronavirus?

I recommend this link to people because I believe it to be safe, accurate and informative.

With that said, I am interested in my own use of the vitamin.  And do not wish to bias people with my own outcomes.

But the theme of my blog is to share, be supportive of others and compassionate.

Please support the effort, the coronavirus is still causing us harm and prevention is good.

Eat Healthy Live Healthy

Is a whole food plant based diet good for you.

Although it is hard to believe, half the world already benefits from this kind of diet.

But we are so invested in our western diet, that it requires more study and investigation to even start to change our fast food intake.

Many people have a hard time adjusting to a whole food plant food diet, because they smoke, drink, lack daily exercise, consume very little water(at the wrong time or drink it standing or too fast).

The how to test out a plant based whole food diet is the real question.

What is the best diet for you to eat?

Will you read about the value of the diet?

Perhaps, a small vid will generate some curiosity.

Using mass media to attract people to doing harmful things.

Multimedia is not always used to inform, educate and entertain.

Sometimes writer’s coherence, manipulate and push people into understanding, attracting and challenging their own ethical standings.

How is easier than watching a movie.

Any lame brain knows if you use attraction, information and violence you will have a captive audience.

This kind of cowboy license to harm others, needs to be better regulated in society.

Much is already being accomplished but updates and improvements are much appreciated by parents guardians and social welfare advocates.

Please support the effort.