From one cleaner to another…

To self isolate in our home is one thing we can do to beat corona.

To clean our home is another.

Being in an unsanitary ‘confined space’ is inviting to corona.

I sanitize all the hard surfaces that people touch on the regular bases: door knobs, mail boxes, table tops, etc.

You do the same.

I keep these common areas clean in condominiums throughput the city.

You keep your home clean.

I sanitize all the tools I use to clean: myself, my vehicle, my house, my cleaning tools. And I do this each day after use.

I wear basic personal protective equipment when I clean: gloves.

You need to wear disposable gloves when you clean.

Like washing our hands each day after meals or any activity, Saitization is also a good idea.

Stay safe, stay clean: sanitize your personal space.

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