The Benefits Of Dying

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  • survivor’s pension
  • the spiritual benefits of dying
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  • medical assistance in dying
  • the dying process
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  • the dying experience

the benefits of walking it off,

Okay, we are all going to die someday.

And we all need to face the bullet topic of the inevitable listed above.

But not today.

When, and only when you are ready.

Start, by thinking about death and dying at your own pace.

A little goes a long way, prevention (of death) is the only goal.

A Concern As A Global Citizen…

7.7 billion people breath each day.

They need food, shelter and a good community.

I am attracted to others by their warm heartedness.

As I am sure, they are attracted to me.

To be honest, I am usually only concerned about a small fraction of the world population.

As a Canadian, I would say about 33 million people or about .5%.

As a single person…

I have friends and relatives, co-workers and neighbors.

I feel that no one needs to be harmed by anyone else.

My main concern is about our ability to show concern for each other and ourselves.

It is a small world, we all try to ‘get along’ but skirmishes are breaking out throughout the world.

I’d like to see a little more cooperation, collaboration and concern for my fellow human beings.

I am a global citizen and all that entails:  live the good life, be compassionate and do no harm.


Learning how to use the human body

How does the human body regulate itself?

With the advent of technology and automation, we spend too much time sitting and degrading the use of the body.

A good indication of this is pain, tension, and poor posture.

Teaching and learning about how to use the body may sound silly but the outcomes help alleviate many simple problems before they turn in to full blown medical conditions.

Check out this vid on posture.


Canadian AI Gurus Predict next war started by Algorithm

Is there a failsafe for such an event?

Who can we count on to oversee AI and weapons of war?

Prevention is cure.

Let’s invest in better safety protocol for AI and weapons

A World Citizen Confronting Nuclear War

Prevention of nuclear war is a benefit to the planet, the people and all the infrastructure in place in our individual countries around the world.

The role of education is provocative and may be difficult to provide to every human being.  But it is imperative, if nuclear war is to be taken away as a viable option.

Harvard Education Publishing Group has an interesting article available, the citation reads:  Eric Markusen and John Harris (1984) The Role Of Education in Preventing Nuclear War.  Harvard Educational Review:  September 1984, Vol. 54, No. 3, pp. 282-304.

The AMA also has a good article called Preventing Nuclear War:  A Professional Responsibility for Physicians…many near misses that have occurred during the nuclear weapons era.  The Role of the…

And lastly, Amazon has a nice cache of books (over 8000) on the subject.

What about a course on an Open University website?

Would anyone offer a weekend course at a community college?

I recommend keeping a journal to make daily entries on the topic and doing as much reading and writing on the topic as is reasonable, given the severe nature of the topic.