WHO Opinion on Health Risk To Humanity Based On Climate Change

It is a fact that any weather severe enough to affect human health outcomes is important.

Some authority may be exaggerating the outcomes on health risks, but WHO article are worth digesting into any search for clarification.

We are getting prepared to work on problems like Climate Change without enough preparation , research and study.

Let’s look into Climate Change.


Ebola Virus Disease Readiness Implementation Progress Report- Uganda | WHO | Regional Office for Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) is building a better future for people everywhere. Health lays the foundation for vibrant and productive communities, stronger economies, safer nations and a better world. Our work touches lives around the world every day – often in invisible ways. As the lead health authority within the United Nations (UN) system, we help ensure the safety of the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the medicines and vaccines that treat and protect us. The Organization aims to provide every child, woman and man with the best chance to lead a healthier, longer life.
— Read on www.afro.who.int/publications/ebola-virus-disease-readiness-implementation-progress-report-uganda

Keep supporting the effort.

Nipah: fearsome virus that caught the medical and scientific world off-guard | World news | The Guardian

Nipah will be among the first diseases to be targeted by a new initiative aiming to prevent epidemics. But what is it, and why is it so dangerous?
— Read on www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jan/18/nipah-fearsome-virus-that-caught-the-medical-and-scientific-world-off-guard

What World Health Organization learns from Ebola Outbreak will help with other serious outbreaks like the one above.

Ebola Situation Report For Democratic Republic Of Congo

This is the 15 report that involves the most current situation of the Ebola disease in this region.


It is considered to be nearly over after 2 incubation periods of the virus which is 42 days.

Yet it must be said, there needs to be global cooperation to maintain support for health and welfare in any crisis.

The psychology effects alone warrants consideration for ongoing financial support.

The potential for future outbreaks must be entertained to cover further possible instances.

With all the work and study, help and support, this situation report is good news.

WHO and the UN are sustaining the good work necessary to maintain global cooperation and collaboration against any current or future Ebola situation in DRC or elsewhere.

Our hearts go out to all those who were effected by this deadly disease and we offer our condolences to the families and friends of the deaths related in this situation report.