This is a dialogue between me and my soul.

[I]  How is transparency education?

[Soul]  Symbols are a code for the truth, interpret them.

[I]  Why don’t you show me these symbols?

[Soul]  Can you not see, can you not read?

[I]  I struggle to do both.

[Soul}  Learn, read, write, research, study!

[I]  I am a failure.

[Soul]  Don’t listen to those imposters, ‘failure and success’.

Be transparent about the data, facts and how to move forward to a brighter future.

Sex Is My Baby Finger

Taking the sex out of sex is hard to do,

whether talking to a ten year old or feeling friendly to people you care about.

The fun thing about paternal love or love of children, is the desire to do no harm.

It is a challenge to talk about sexuality on a good day.

But kids need to learn it is okay to be who they are.

People need to feel the same way.

How many awkward moments does it take to screw in a lite bulb?

Bottom line, sex is not the issue, people are.

Let’s always show that we care about people rather than the awkward, sometimes embarrassing moments that erupt out of sexuality experiences.

One People, One Planet, One Future

There are many epic problems facing the people, planet and future today.

To check out the whole list go to the World Health Organization.

But there are a few things worth noting at this time.

We are treating the planet, each other and our collective future in a bad way.

A pretty pristine planet like ours deserves a little more respect.

She is a wonder with all the life forms and matter formations and energy.

She is just a small part of an equally impressive solar system, galaxy and universe.

Can we at least learn from our mistakes on earth?

We are a big group.

We are 8 billion strong.

There isn’t one of us that deserves to die.

Who among us can lead, everyone of us is responsible.

Managing time requires virtue:  be frugal with our time left to us.

Tomorrow will be over before it even begins at the rate we are going.

But don’t give up, properly use these impressions and learn to do no harm.

In time, we will learn to cure our lack of will, our acting on impulsive urges and other self-destructive ways.

Every human being is responsible for what becomes of us.

If we think we are that special, maybe it’s time to turn over a new leaf:  ‘all for one and one for all’.

Spiritual kindergarten

You earn everything you get.

There is no good or bad, just consequences.

Your biggest job is to learn how to look after yourself: look after your beliefs or there will be consequences.

Spiritual health is mental, physical, emotional (health!).

It will take the rest of your life to do this job adequately.

It is a hard job, best pay and benefits.