Australian Protocol

Dr. John Campbell’s nickname for what the Australian’s are proposing for a way to venture forward with the omicron variant.

The PM is saying we need to treat everyone here as adults.

No lockdown unless they get overwhelmed in the hospital: too many ICU patients or deaths or a combination of problems that could overwhelm their hospitals.

The chief medical officer and PM are in agreement that the old way is not working and can not eliminate the virus.

The new way may help more than it will hurt.

Please understand this is not anti-vaccine, but rather a means to enhance results of heard immunity in the face of the new variant and continued vaccination and boosting…

As an adult, I believe in taking the vaccine, ventilation, social distancing, masks, good habits like hygiene for eating, sleeping and work and or exercise.

In truth, it is difficult to practice all these good habits but practice is the best prevention.

I am also blogging, journaling, meditating, and being supportive and accepting support from all those I trust.

It is best practice to learn as much as I can and make as many useful decisions regarding this pandemic.

Keep calm, be kind and do no harm…

Time To Consider That Third Jab

The authorities are recommending use of the vaccine.

The best case scenario is that everyone get 2 shots and go for a third one.

It looks like the Canadian campaign will ramp up to support a third shot asap.

Curiosity about the new omicron variant and the possibility to tweak the vaccine to improve it is seeming like a good thing.

Hopefully, these are early days and the ‘Third Jab’ will wait.

Are you going to get a third jab?


There is a new variant that has leveraged our fears about getting everyone vaccinated ASAP.

But is it worth the risk?

Most of us have been convinced it is worth the risk.

“Freedom” seems like it is not a public safety concern at the moment.

Everyone is doing there best to make good decisions and choices at this time.

Please support both freedoms and be calm, kind and safe.

Keeping informed needs to be personal choice and decision.

Think The Worst And Hope For The Best

Getting that second shot is hard to do.

They missed me, I don’t have the time to sort it out after calling 3 times to no avail.

I will get it done.

Busy, busy, busy

COVID-19, no short cuts.

Dr. Bonnie Henry Receives High Honors

Dr. Bonnie Henry receives Order of B.C. for work during COVID-19 pandemic (

Here in B.C., Covid-19 has ravaged the province and it’s people since the first case was reported on January 28, 2020.

COVID-19 pandemic in British Columbia – Wikipedia

Dr. Bonnie Henry has been at the forefront of the leadership with her public health service for British Columbia.

This is another milestone that merits recognition of the excellence she has provided to all those in British Columbia.

Congratulations, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

I Am A World Leader

Everyone is finding some kind of footing from this experience with COVID-19.

Most of us are happy to get a jab and are working to get our second jab ASAP.

Some of us are pulling double shifts at work and struggling to keep in touch with family and friends.

A lot of us are striving to find better ways to learn from this experience and get back to normal.

There is so many obstacles that make the restrictions hard to follow: transportation, communication, supplies, economics and more.

Putting my best foot forward, I am reaching out to my team to look after themselves and their families.

I know it’s tough to even get a good night’s sleep.

But countries like Denmark, New Zealand, and Germany are working hard to protect their boarders.

And many East Asian countries are using other effective methods , just look at Taiwan, South Korea.

New Zealand is so mobilized with their campaign against COVID.

China and Russia have been just as successful as the west at producing and distributing vaccines.

And yes there is much more to do as the G7 finishes the weekend meeting that will help with future plans.

We all need to get vaccinated and clean up before we can open up the system for business.

That is what I am going to help get done for the fall of this year.

I for one appreciate all your hard work!

What we’ve learned about leadership from the COVID-19 pandemic | PBS NewsHour